Coca‑Cola helps consumers and restaurants find each other again with over 100,000 bottles of gift drinks

During the restriction period, the consumption basically stopped at about three-quarters of Coca‑Cola partners selling immediate consumption products. Coca‑Cola felt obliged to support one of the most economically affected sectors: HoReCa. To reconnect consumers with their favorite restaurants after the forced break, the company’s nationwide initiative will ensure that participating restaurants can welcome back guests with free Coca‑Cola drinks on June 19th, 2020. More than 100,000 bottles of Coca‑Cola, worth 50 million HUF, are waiting chilled and ready, in almost 350 locations across the country!
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As a leading beverage producer, Coca‑Cola’s sales data each month provides a good indicator of the state of the HoReCa industry: as a result of the pandemic restrictions, their sales in this sector have fallen by exactly half since last year. The gravity of the situation is indicated by the fact that more than 8,200 restaurants or fast food restaurants, buffets, bars, hotels, and boarding houses did not order a single bottle of soft drink during the two months of the restrictions period due to lack of guests.

These highly unusual numbers can finally start to improve now that we’re at the end of the COVID-19 crisis’ first phase: the HoReCa outlets’ closed doors opened again, and their empty tables can fill with life again. With the restrictions lifted, guests are slowly returning to their favorite restaurants, Coca‑Cola can see this in the increase of their order numbers - and they want to support it!

In the first, most severe phase of the pandemic crisis, Coca‑Cola Hungary's goal was to spread health and safety messages to the widest audience possible, in addition to supporting those who got into the most difficult situations. In order to do this, besides providing a wide range of support, the company has donated its brands' social media channels and other advertising spaces to the Hungarian Red Cross – whose work they have helped in the past decade and will continue to do so.

During the rebuilding period, the company is turning to economic players to help the industry most affected by the coronavirus, the HoReCa sector: now that the lockdown is over and restaurants can reopen, Coca‑Cola believes that restaurants most affected by the crisis also need support, as they have had to keep closed in recent months and therefore had no revenue. Summer is upon us, so it’s worth to go to our favorite places or maybe discovering new ones – while not forgetting about the safety regulations* –, to have fun together, and enjoy a delicious meal next to a glass of ice-cold Coca‑Cola.

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Coca‑Cola Hungary wants help with this: on June 19, a bottle of Coca‑Cola** will be waiting for anyone who visits one of the nearly 350 restaurants participating in the program. In Budapest, we can raise a glass to the summer with a bottle of Coca‑Cola in cozy places like Fröccsterasz and Bestia in the city center, or the party district’s Trap Café, and Füge Garden. You can find the full list of partners participating in the “First Coke is On Us” promotion  here:

The company will continue to provide additional help to restaurants in various ways in the coming weeks, so that for the rest of the summer, selected partners will receive multifarious support.


* The current safety regulations can be found on

** While the stock lasts.