“How can I help you?” - Coca‑Cola and The Hungarian Red Cross teams up for a poster campaign promoting to stay at home and help the elderly

Shopping for grocery, going to the pharmacy, walking the dog, and many other important activities. We understand that it is hard to get the elderly to stay at home, because these duties really can’t be postponed. Luckily, there is a way for people over 65 to not leave their homes without giving up on their needs. One possible solution is our awareness poster, which will be displayed on the gates of apartment buildings and on small town public institutions during the pandemic, by the workers of the Hungarian Red Cross. The poster is also available online for print.

Although people at any age can get infected with the coronavirus, the elderly population are more at risk. Our joint initiative with the Hungarian Red Cross aims to protect the elderly and make sure they stay safe. If younger people do their duties for them, this may reduce the exposure of the most vulnerable age group to the virus.

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The awareness posters can connect people who live in the same building or neighborhood. The inhabitants can write their contact information on the poster, adding the responsibilities they are willing to take over, whether it is buying prescription drugs, doing grocery shopping, walking the dog, watering the plants in the garden or on the hallway, or anything else the community’s elders may need. Thanks to the shared contact information, they know who to call for help, without leaving their homes.

We encourage all of you to print the attached poster and put them up in your area, so you can help older people nearby!

Let’s support the elderly!

We are together. We help together.