Docking bays to improve truck freight at Coca-Cola HBC Hungary

Coca-Cola HBC Hungary has installed five separate low-ramped docking bays in Dunaharaszti, the country's largest FMCG warehouse, in order to serve its customers faster, more precisely and even more smoothly.

Coca-Cola HBC Hungary aims to become the largest production base in Central Europe through developments and investments. To develop dynamically, the company is constantly working on strengthening its market position and customer satisfaction. In 2019, they made investments worth HUF 5.9 billion in the country, and several other developments were prepared, which will be implemented in the coming years. These modern technological developments create value not only for the company, but also for the Hungarian economy.

This time, the company modernized the infrastructure of the Dunaharaszti warehouse: five separate low- ramped docking bays were put into operation at the central warehouse building, improving the warehouse’s truck freight service. As a result of this development, the truck traffic service can be further improved – reducing the turnaround time at the site by about 7.5 percent and as a result, the number of trucks served per day could increase.

90 percent of the trucks that turn around at the site have a tarpaulin and 10 percent have box structure. A 14 percent time reduction is expected to be available for box trucks. The docking bay service system, which will be introduced as a result of a significant infrastructural investment, will bring beneficial service changes for all relevant partners in the supply chain.

Coca-Cola HBC Hungary, which has invested more than HUF 125 billion so far, established the country's largest FMCG warehouse in 2017 with an investment of HUF 2 billion. The 6,500 m² building can hold a total of 8.4 million litres of products on 12,000 pallets, the company serves its domestic and export customers from this warehouse. In Hungary, the company sells more than 100 types of products and produces 90 percent of them nationally, two-thirds of which are made from Hungarian raw materials.

The Hungarian company is the largest exporter of the Coca‑Cola HBC Group, which is present in 28 countries and serves almost 615 million consumers. Beside national sales, the company exports more than 40 products to 26 countries.