Coca-Cola Hungary wins PwC's Most Attractive Employer Award again this year in the FMCG category

As in previous years, PwC Hungary has once again conducted its employee preference survey in 2020. One of the novelties of this year is that beside students and career starters, PwC has also assessed the job expectations of experienced workers. Based on the votes of respondents aged between 16 and 28, awards were given to the winners of the industry categories, including Coca-Cola Hungary. Another addition is that beside Hungary, another ten European countries have also participated in the research, which was supplemented with an employer brand perception survey. According to the survey results, preferences are quite different in our region (CEE), Western Europe, and Russia.

This year, we’ve further expanded the survey to help Hungarian companies better understand the expectations of prospective hires. Experienced workers have gained in status in recent times, so it is important that employers are aware of their needs as well.

Róbert Bencze Director of People & Organisation, HR Consulting Services at PwC Hungary

Base salary is especially important in our region

According to the survey findings, base salary has significantly gained importance for employees, which, together with a flexible and predictable work schedule, is on the top of the most important job selection factors list in 2020. Based on the responses, the latter two aspects play an even more important role among employees over 28 years old. For experienced hires, the management style of the immediate superior is more important, as they know from experience how much this matters. For older workers, career advancement based on actual job performance, the option to work remotely, job security, cafeteria, and bonuses are also more important than for younger workers.

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 Job security and the support for higher education studies are new aspects

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, job safety has made it onto the TOP15 ranking, while the popularity of regular team building has decreased as expected. Higher education support has also become a new evaluation aspect.

The survey findings shed light on what factors companies need to consider depending on whether they want to attract career starters or more experienced employees, as these two groups select their future workplace based on different preferences.

Zoltán Örkényi Manager at People & Organisation, HR Consulting Services, PwC Hungary