Coca-Cola HBC Hungary considered by potential candidates as one of the most attractive workplaces

With Coca-Cola's traditions and innovations, Coca-Cola HBC Hungary's goal cannot be anything else but to offer its employees one of the most inspiring workplaces in the country. Participants in the Randstad employer branding research named the company one of Hungary’s most attractive workplaces in the FMCG sector for the fourth year in a row.

As in the previous three years, Coca-Cola HBC Hungary has been named the FMCG sector’s most attractive workplace in 2020 by employees who participated in Randstad's traditional, representative survey. Hungary's largest soft drink bottler is at the forefront in terms of both awareness and recognition: 95 percent of the respondents know Coca-Cola HBC Hungary, and more than half of them (51%) consider it the most attractive company in the FMCG sector. Unsurprisingly, the company is mainly popular among young people – more than half of the 18-44 age group would like to work for the bottling company of Coca-Cola – but 43 percent of the 45-65 age group prefer this company as well.

What makes the company so attractive? According to most of the respondents, Coca-Cola HBC Hungary has competitive salaries and benefits, as well as great opportunities for career development. The work is interesting and challenging; the company is recognized in the market and has a good reputation, in addition to having a stable financial situation. The majority of respondents also confirmed that they have the opportunity to use the latest technologies there. This means that in seven of the survey’s ten evaluation factors, Coca-Cola HBC Hungary ranked first in the category of FMCG companies. Randstad conducted the world’s largest independent employer branding research in 38 countries around the world this year, involving more than 6,100 companies and based on the opinions of about 185,000 respondents.


It feels very great that we are still considered Hungary’s most attractive workplace in the FMCG sector. During this emergency period, we have been paying special attention both at national and international levels to find out the feelings, fears, and needs of our colleagues. We work a lot to communicate openly to our employees, to have purpose-driven and caring leadership, to support our employees in their daily challenges, and to provide relevant critical career experiences. On top of, the work itself transformed quite a lot due to COVID and we took significant steps to understand how our ways of working can evolve, how we can protect the jobs of our employees and how we can provide a safe environment for our people . For the future, we are also committed to improve the areas where we have opportunities, well-being and work-life balance being a big priority for us for 2021 moving forward.

Oltea Ceraceanu HR Director at Coca-Cola HBC Hungary

The company has asked its employees two times how they feel about working in an extraordinary situation caused by the pandemic. The results show that most colleagues have not lost their positive attitude in this unprecedented situation and feel that they are receiving all the necessary information from the company. The majority thinks that managers support employees and recognize their work even in this challenging period. Where it was possible, the company switched to home office back in the spring and that has been highly appreciated as well.