A real coffee experience from the can - Espresso Monster energizes consumers with low calories and high coffee level

One of the largest energy drink companies has put coffee in its iconic cans, and not just any kind of coffee. Espresso Monster, which contains a triple shot of espresso, stands out from the ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee market with its particularly high level of coffee, providing consumers a guaranteed energy boost.
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RTD coffee is extremely popular for a reason, especially among urban youth. Because of the “Buy now, drink later” principle, canned coffees can be consumed comfortably on-the-go, and also serve as a cool refresher during the summer heat. However, RTD coffees haven’t been considered a real alternative to a cup of brewed espresso, as they have a lower amount of real coffee in them – usually only 1-2% and in rare cases up to 20%. Monster has now broke this unwritten rule and is giving consumers an unadulterated coffee experience with its latest product, containing 39% coffee.

While RTD coffees currently on the market generally have a caffeine content of 25-40 mg compared to an average of 60-70 mg in a brewed hot coffee, Espresso Monster contains 150 mg of caffeine thanks to the triple shot of espresso – that is why it has the same energizing effect as a traditional cup of coffee. That’s not all, as the high coffee content comes with exceptionally low calorie and sugar content, making Espresso Monster an ideal choice for health-conscious customers. Conquering the RTD coffee market fits perfectly into Monster’s image, as the brand has always been a major supporter of an eventful, diverse, and exciting lifestyle: in addition to sponsoring professional athletes and musicians, this is also emphasized by their “Lifestyle in a can” slogan.

Ben Ashlin, Vice President of Brands at Monster Energy EMEA, said the new addition will allow Monster to broaden its appeal, targeting coffee drinkers and Monster fans alike. “Monster Energy continues to drive innovation and we’re really excited to launch Espresso Monster into the ready-to-drink coffee category. The new product will be key to driving incremental growth for the brand, by attracting new drinkers to the coffee and energy markets, while offering existing Monster fans a new occasion to consume the product.

Espresso Monster is distributed in Hungary by Coca-Cola HBC Hungary and has been available on stores’ shelves in two flavours and 250ml cans since mid-August. Espresso Milk, inspired by the popular Italian Macchiato, complements the strong triple espresso with milk and Vanilla Espresso enriches the coffee made from 100% Arabica beans with hints of vanilla. Not only the content of the can attracts consumers, but the unique design as well: short stories are displayed on the side of the can, the golden brown colour scheme reminds us of coffee, and the Monster logo is surrounded by graphic elements reminiscent of cozy cafes.