A good coffee instead of small annoyances – Costa launches its campaign

The Costa brand, available in Hungary since May, launches its ATL campaign with short films and billboards. Anybody can relate to the videos about life’s small incidents, as it happened to everybody at some point that they have started making breakfast or doing a morning training and none of them turned out the way they would have wanted it. 

The Costa brand launches its ATL campaign in mid-September with the slogan “Better Start with Costa”. The two 15-second videos build on the feeling when we mess up a small, everyday thing, and the result is annoying or just awkward. Such moments happen every day – we can recognize ourselves in one story or another and easily admit that the day would have started better with a Costa Coffee.

Costa Coffee’s mission is to inspire the world to love excellent coffee – but at the same time, the brand breaks with tradition: instead of the picture of a steaming coffee, it shows a striking, youthful image, and the newly made short films and posters reflect this as well. 

The Hungarian subsidiary of the Coca-Cola HBC Group, present in 28 countries, introduced numerous new Costa product in May for at-home, on-the-go, and at-work consumption. Coca-Cola HBC makes the Costa experience the best coffee experience with a wide range of coffee blends, various packaging, and unique services. Costa’s portfolio currently includes ground coffee and roasted beans; Costa’s capsule products will also come to Hungarian stores soon.