Stronger, prouder and more colourful – Cinzano Vermouth gets a revamp

2019 is the year of renewal: the Cinzano vermouths, which represent 260 years of expertise, will get a new, premium look from the second half of July. While their alcohol content will slightly increase, the flavour and character of the beverages will remain the same, and the new packaging will make them easier to recognise thanks to the caps and colour codes.

The makeover of Cinzano Vermouth honours the tradition and the trusted quality of the brand: its more than 260-year history is proudly signalled by the number 1757 embossed on the bottom of the new bottles, marking the year of foundation. The recipe and the character of the world-famous Turin vermouth will remain basically unchanged, only the flavour will become even stronger as the alcohol content of Cinzano Vermouth Bianco and Rosso will increase from the earlier 14.4% to 15% and in case of the Extra Dry variety to 18%.

 Just as the recipe, the bottle will also remain true to the historic design, but the colour of the caps and cardboard boxes will indicate which flavour of Cinzano they hold: Bianco will be recognisable from the colour blue, Rosso from red, and Extra Dry from green. The larger logo placed on the bottles will make it easier to recognise the beverages that are also excellent for drinking at home, while the label on the back provides more information on the product, on its’ historic background, and on the best way to drink them.

Today vermouths are enjoying a renaissance across the world and their growing popularity is well illustrated by the fact that their sales increased by 26% over the past four years*. Keeping its old recipe for value-creation, quality and success, Cinzano Vermouth is now updating its offer focusing on the consumption habits of young adults.

 The revamped, premium-category vermouths are expected to go on sale from the second half of July.

 *Source: IWSR (International Wine and Spirit Report)