Rézangyal’s new premium collection is a celebration of fruit

Rézangyal, one of Hungary’s most popular brands of pálinka, is launching a product palette of high-end pálinka blends in the middle of July. Naturally, the sophisticated flavours will be matched with brand new exclusive packaging evoking the main ingredients of the fruit brandy.

In the case of Rézangyal, the exceptional taste is a result of the production technology, that is, the blending. This procedure, besides eliminating the differences caused by different vintage years, creates the most complex and top-quality items.

The newly launched premium collection comprises items selected with great care. “We assessed and then classified these pálinkas, made in some cases using different procedures, based on their main notes and characteristics, and finally prepared their flavour maps. We selected the items of the premium collection based on these assessments so that the aggregate values of the flavour and aroma characteristics typical of the given fruit create a perfect harmony in each bottle. They combine the expertise of Hungary’s most respected pálinka masters, their love of the profession, the selected fruits and raw materials, and last but not least the relentless drive to explore and experiment, the end result of which can be found in every bottle,” says András Márton, Rézangyal’s blend master, whose signature is displayed on each of the premium products as an endorsement of the exceptional taste experience.

Of course, this is all the more true of the Rézangyal premium collection comprising apricot, Olivér Irsai grape, plum, matured apple and Morello cherry pálinka, which will also have a distinctive mark. “The items of the premium collection are filled into a transparent version of the already well-known Rézangyal bottles, and the new, wood-effect label does not simply evoke nature, but leads the consumer back to where the main ingredient of the pálinka comes from, the fruit tree,” said Dömötör Haász, Rézangyal’s brand manager.

With its carefully planned conquest of the premium segment based on a thorough mapping of consumer needs, Rézangyal is taking another great step towards developing the Hungarian pálinka culture. Indeed, measured consumer preferences and sales figures show a modest, but growing increase in demand for high-end products.

„Our careful long-term planning is bearing fruit this year: in the first step, we gave a makeover to the well-known “Classic” bottles and streamlined our basic product portfolio. This time we are setting a new standard in a category where the Rézangyal brand was not present earlier, the top premium segment,” added the brand manager, emphasising that they are not simply entering a category where the brand was not present before but Rézangyal is actually leading a major transformation of consumer needs and the market in order to further develop Hungarian pálinka culture by conquering the premium segment.

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