Naked Grouse Gold Award - Purity is remunerative

Naked Grouse scooped up a GOLD Award for the brand’s redesign at the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards 2019. The jury recognised the impactful design underpinning Naked’s distinctive personality, which had tangible results in sales.
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DBA Design Effectiveness Awards are conferred by an international jury of business leaders and creative agencies. The recognition is special because jury members pay a high attention to the design’s strategic and commercial value to business. The packaging of Naked Grouse redesigned by the Kinship Creative agency two years ago was awarded the main prize this year.

The jury said that the new Naked bottle successfully repositioned the brand and targeted younger consumers who were not tied to the traditional whisky rules. The brand strategy of Naked Grouse focused on the ‘live naked’ ethos as an expression of liberation, relaxation and purity thus talking directly to the attitude of the targeted global consumer.

Commenting on the recognition, Global Marketing Manager, Naked Grouse, Elaine Miller said that the renewed Naked Grouse relaunch resulted in a 21% brand growth with the brand continuing to grow 22% in 2018-19. He added that the whisky of ‘live naked’ won 7 prestigious whisky awards within the first year.

This latest GOLD accolade for design effectiveness highlights the success of the bold decision to redesign Naked as a standalone brand, the result being a distinctive, contemporary whisky with a strong personality.

Elaine Miller Global Marketing Manager, Naked Grouse

No matter how ground-breaking and bold the decision seemed in 2017, the brand strategists assessed the market correctly since Naked Grouse had become one of the fastest growing whisky brands in the last few years. Naked Grouse is distributed locally by Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary. The largest soft drink bottler in Hungary has marketed premium spirits since 2006 in order to address a broad range of consumer and customer needs across multiple channels and occasions, in line with the company’s leading 24/7 beverage partner vision.