More than half a billion HUF investment by Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary: The new bottled Natur Aqua is available from June in restaurants

Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary has spent about two million euros, which is more than half a billion forints, to develop new NaturAqua bottles which are available from June, which will replace the quarter-liter with 0,33 liter bottles, while at the same time changing the exterior of the 0,75 liter bottle. The premium-looking small and large packages also received a brand-new label and a screw cap.

Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary with a nearly HUF 650 million project, has further strengthened its position in the bottled mineral water market, not only by introducing the larger size expected by consumers, but also by introducing a better fitting look for the premium category.

NaturAqua Mineral Water, which is extracted from 685 meters and has been filtered for 14,000 years, has been manufactured at Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary's Zalaszentgrót plant since 2002 and only last year 134 million liters of water were bottled. This year is a milestone in the 16-year-old history of the four-time Superbrands winner mineral water, as such a transformation takes place for the first time in the brand's history. The current investment includes, among other things, the technological transformations of the filler, the bottle tester, the bottle washer and the label, as well as the replacement of the glass fleet.

The 0.33- and 0.75-liter bottles, based on consumer surveys, provide the ideal amount of natural mineral water that fits perfectly for every occasion. In addition to the size increase, the earlier crown roof was replaced with a screw cap, making it easier to open and close the glass. At the same time, the labels have also been renewed, giving a premium appearance to the water of Zalaszentgrót. The old bottles are returned to the industrial cycle after grinding, and the new bottles are also redeemable so they can be completely recycled. The renewed NaturAqua bottles are available from the beginning of June at the restaurants in all parts of the country.

Coca‑Cola HBC has invested a total of about 120 billion forints in Hungary so far and investments will continue in the future to achieve the company's goals. Other than its recent purchase of the bottling plant in Dunaharaszti, the company has also acquired a 13-hectare property where it plans further capacity-building developments, and two years ago it opened the country's largest food warehouse. The goal of the long-term investments is to make the company the largest manufacturing base of the Coca Cola group in Central Europe, which is justified by its outstanding production volume and cutting-edge innovation. The Hellenic Group, which covers 28 countries, is already supplying products to 26 countries from Hungary, so Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary is the largest exporter in the group.