Modern Factories Night: the visitors’ curiosity continues to grow when it comes to exploring our bottling factories

Over twice as many people visited us on Modern Factories Night as last year. This year over 400 people visited our company in Dunaharaszti and Zalaszentgrót.

286 people in Dunaharaszti and 147 people in Zalaszentgrót participated in visiting our factories on Modern Factories Night which is a series of events organised all over the country, on the 15th of November.

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Modern Factories Night was created to draw the attention of the general public to the fact that today's modern factories operate with the help of automated processes using Industry 4.0 solutions. Our company was already included in the first series of events two years ago, as the largest bottler of soft drinks in Hungary, which operates modern production lines and production processes. At the time, we welcomed about 50 visitors to our Zalaszentgrót site, and last year we applied for the program with both of our factories, welcoming 220 visitors.

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The success of previous years continues to grow as more and more visitors become interested in the event, which is the reason why the number of visitors has doubled. During the event, we  held a brief presentation about who we are, what we do in Hungary, what kind of products we produce and what our sustainability strategy is. Following our presentation, we gave a tour of the factory, where the visitors could get a glimpse of our production processes.

Check out our video below!

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Every year Modern Factories Night is a great opportunity for us to show not only our production processes but our organisation, our values, the community of our employees and from this year our World Without Waste.

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