FUZETEA has won Product of the Year Award in the category of ice teas

This was the eighth time Product of the Year Awards have been handed over on the 4th March 2019. This year, premium category products and goods of comfort have caught up with healthy products, the shooting stars of the last few years.
fuzetea-1200-nagy fuzetea-1200-nagy

Products accompanying a fast but healthy breakfast are being recognised in a growing number, while various non-alcoholic beverages also make a considerable group of winners. Besides SSDs and energy drinks, this time ice teas have been awarded too with Product of the Year.

In this category FUZETEA has won the prize. Only the brand surpassing its rivals in innovation and capable of winning the hearts of consumers provably could earn the recognition. Therefore, Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary now has a proven record that it has made a lovable brand, one that was recognised by consumers themselves who rated FUZETEA not just in terms of satisfaction and innovation, but attractivity too.

Product of the Year Award was handed over in 20 categories with Aldi and Lidl winning the most prizes with their own brands.