Coca‑Cola Hungary: only calorie-free or low-calorie products to be sold in high schools

Coca‑Cola Hungary has introduced voluntary commercial restrictions more severe than the current regulations: since January it has sold only calorie-free or low-calorie products to high schools. The company has already provided primary schools and high schools of six or eight grades with only mineral waters or juices of high fruit content for more than a decade now.

In line with the commitment the advocacy of the European soft drink bottlers (UNESDA) made, member companies of the association sell only calorie-free (energy content of maximum 4 calorie/100 ml) or low-calorie (energy content of maximum 20 calorie/100 ml) drinks in high schools as of 2019. As a member of the association, Coca‑Cola Hungary has delivered only such products to high schools in Hungary. The new Europe-wide commitment impacts more than 40 million youngsters in Europe in about 50 000 high schools.

The commitment entered into force this year completes a former commitment of the European association of soft drink bottlers that restricts Coca‑Cola Hungary to selling only mineral water or juices of high fruit content in primary schools and high schools of six or eight grades since 2006 and prevents advertisement among minors under the age of 12.

Coca‑Cola Hungary is a forerunner in the reduction of sugar and calorie content in drinks as evinced by its pledge as a member of the Hungarian Mineral Water, Fruit Juice and Soft Drink Association to halve the sugar and calorie content of its non-alcoholic beverages until 2020 as compared to 2010.

The company launched 12 calorie-free or low-calorie products in 2018 and half of its portfolio today already consists of such products. As a result of the continuous product development of the last few years, Coca‑Cola Hungary offers more than 90 different non-alcoholic beverages to its consumers: carbonated soft drinks (Coca‑Cola, Coca‑Cola light, Coca‑Cola zero, Coca‑Cola zero lemon, Coca‑Cola zero caffeine, Fanta, Fanta zero, Sprite, Sprite zero, Kinley, Royal Bliss), natural mineral waters ( NaturAqua, Römerquelle), flavoured waters (NaturAqua Emotion), innovative waters (Smartwater) juices, nectars and fruit drinks (Cappy, Cappy Ice Fruit, Cappy Pulpy, Cappy Junior, Cappy Smoothie, Cappy +), ice teas (Fulea, Fouls zero) Sports drinks (Powerade) and plant-based drinks (AdeZ) are all part of the assortment.

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