Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary was named the most attractive workplace in the FMCG sector in 2019

The Most Attractive Workplace Awards 2019 were handed over in many categories. Coca‑Cola HBC was ranked first in the FMCG category. Y and Z generation youth choose workplace based on flexible workhours, stability and satisfactory base salary.
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PwC Hungary awarded PwC Most Attractive Workplace Awards in ten industry categories this year based on the answers of a questionnaire and nominations, and named Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary the winner of the FMCG category.

Similar to previous years, PwC Hungary had again surveyed preferences of the employees of the next generations about workplaces in 2019. In this year’s study, multiculturalism, personal development and transparent operation were also included among focus areas. 51 percent of the 37 thousand youngsters who took part in the survey study in higher education, 21 percent of them in secondary school and 27 percent already have a job. The study says that flexible shifts and workhours are of the highest priority for youngsters, followed by base salary, stability and reliability in the list of their preferences. Cafeteria dropped out of top10 despite that it had been ranked the fourth a year before.

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This year, we covered more topics in our survey so that local companies could get to know the requirements of potential employees about workplaces better. This was all the more important, because a PwC survey among CEOs revealed that the vast majority of Hungarian company leaders named shortage of labour force as the biggest challenge endangering business success.

Róbert Bencze Director of HR consultancy services at PwC Hungary People & Organisation

The majority of respondents (96%) in the survey said that they saw about the companies of their choice before submitting an application. 63 percent of youth would like to work in a multinational company, while 28 percent of them would prefer a start-up. Only one fifth (21%) of the respondents said that public administration offered attractive jobs.

The PwC Hungary survey has also revealed that workplace preferences differ by industries: IT sector is attractive because of home office (5.) and easy-going leadership style (8.), whereas pharmaceutical industry offers many challenging jobs (4.) and it is also characterised by a special attitude to colleagues (9.). Car industry which is considered a dominant sector in the Hungarian economy can address employees of the Y and Z generation successfully by offering professional trainings, and career opportunities based on real performance.

“Results of the survey have revealed the working environment factors that are most appealing to students in secondary schools and in higher education and entrants. With these factors in mind, companies can determine how to address employees of the future in the most efficient manner” – said Zoltán Örkényi, manager of HR consultancy services at PwC Hungary People & Organisation.