Bulldog is making its way into the Hungarian gin market

One of the world’s most well-known and beloved premium gins has now been made available in the Hungarian bars and outlets. It is not by accident that Bulldog Gin became a bartenders’ favourite: the drink reinterpreting the traditions of London Dry Gin had already turned the British gin market upside down.

The sales of gin break records year after year in the U.K., and it seems this trend will soon hit Hungary too. While vodka and palinka still keep their dominant position in the spirit category, whisky and gin have already started their journey into the top league in Hungary. Nielsen recorded a double-digit growth in the sales of these two products in Hungary, last year. Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary started to distribute Bulldog locally as of this August, the gin that fully transformed the British gin market – and one that is expected to reach out for similar success in Hungary too.

Bulldog dares to be different and address those who also dare to be independent, make decisions out of instinct, follow their own path, even if it held risk.

Márton Vajda Head of Premium Sprit Business at Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary

Back then, the drink drew attention because its designer Anshuman Vohra dared to reinterpret the traditional, juniper flavour of gin. Although, Bulldog is a London Dry Gin made with the oldest technique, strong tradition is accompanied with modernity in it. This premium brand represents youngish, bold, innovative spirit even in its look: the robust, black bottle with its wider than usual neck makes it protrude from the market.

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Besides juniper, which still provides the basic flavour, there are 11 other botanicals creating the unique, complex, citrusy taste. Juniper, angelica, coriander and lemon are the dominant spices of the gin, further tinted with liquorice, almond, petal and cassia, joined by lavender, white poppy, lotus leaf and dragon eye to give it a final, unexpected twist. The premium ingredients responsible for the taste originating from various parts of Europe, Africa and Asia are added to the spirit in the final, fourth distillation.

Bulldog took the risk and was able to revitalise the gin-tradition and thus succeeded in becoming one of the most known and fastest growing gin brands in the world. The drink that accommodate the taste of today’s youth aims to become the world’s top premium gin in the next few years. Bulldog is a perfect ingredient of cocktails becoming increasingly popular among partygoers and a favourite of bartenders and mixers all over the world.

Dömötör Haász Brand Manager of Premium Spirits at Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary

Bulldog are distributed by Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary as of this August. The largest soft drink bottler of Hungary has sold premium spirits since 2006, in line with their effort to offer drinks in every hour of the day, all week long.