Brugal 1888 rum arrives in Hungary

„1888 is a rum which is enjoyed best neat and sipped" – claims 1888 Rum Global Ambassador Pavol Kazimir, who showed off the extraordinary rum on the 14th of April at BarShow, a barlife trade show. A day later, in addition to professionals of barlife, gastro bloggers and journalists could also taste the noble rum served by the master mixer in Boutiq’Bar.

This rum pushes the limits of the known when exploring Caribbean flavours” – the internationally renowned bartender goes on. He acknowledges that rum was never thought of as an alternative for sipping, but the product of the Scottish Edrington company marketed since 2011 aims to challenge that belief. “Brugal 1888 is a rum made for sipping” – he concludes.

1888 in the name refers to the foundation year of the Brugal manufactory. Rums are still designed by the fifth generation of ‘Maestro Roneros’, descendants of the founder Don Andres Brugal Montaner who moved from Spain to the Dominican Republic back then. Its creators claim that this drink enlivens the senses. It is to be enjoyed slightly warmed to match the Caribbean balmy climate or slightly cooled for a refreshing experience. Either way, Brugal 1888 recalls the flavours and temperaments of its birthplace as it was conceived by its master blenders. This is what Pavol Kazimir especially likes to talk about as he has had the chance to visit the homeland of the rum many times since he is the global ambassador of Brugal 1888. In the Dominican Republic, he could not only study the unique and intricate blending process but mastered his skills in rum tasting too. This laid-back, yet elegant rum – a praise of the taste and expertise of its blenders – targets cultured and fun-loving millennials primarily in Europe and the US.

Brugal 1888 is made with double-aging. First the rum is left to rest in hand-picked, ex-bourbon American oak casks. This is followed by a second maturation in European oak, first-fill Pedro Ximenez ex-sherry casks. The result is an extraordinary rum of complex flavours. With every sip, nuances of toffee, cocoa, red fruits, vanilla, peaches and raisins come to the palate, and a long after-taste. Reflecting its bold character, 1888 is contained in a strong authentic glass 70cl bottle with distinctive gold lettering. The bottle also features the traditional and characteristic Brugal netting to convey a strong back bar identity.

Brugal 1888 is now launched in the Hungarian market as part Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary portfolio, and the only member of the Brugal family available in Hungary. Distributing a drink of such a special quality fits well the business strategy of the bottler and distributor, because Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary identifies itself as a total beverage company offering drinks to its consumers at all consumption occasions. “Our portfolio has close to 100 drinks and each one of them is characterised by high quality and innovation. Brugal 1888 meets both these criteria, while its laid-back, youngish style, its commitment to innovation and tradition at the same time match well the values of our portfolio” – said Márton Vajda, Manager of Premium Spirit at Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary.