All Coca‑Cola bottle caps worth a bowl of hot meal

Coca‑Cola, the Hungarian Red Cross and Street Kitchen launch a joint charity campaign.

Having a tasty dish and drink may worth much more than a simple meal – it can provide tranquillity, optimism, momentum and endurance to cope with the challenges ahead and it is also a good way to put a smile on the face of our loved ones. However, there are many people who cannot afford to have a hearty meal with family, and the holiday season is no exception. Now, bottle caps of family size Coca‑Cola worth a bowl of hot meal, and thus help those in need backed by Street Kitchen, the Hungarian Red Cross and consumers.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well” – The English writer Virginia Woolf opined, and Cola-Cola shares her views. Therefore, it encourages all its consumers to help donate food to those in need in advent. All they need to do is uploading a code onto the webpage which can be found in the bottle caps of Coca‑Cola products involved in the promotion and thus a bowl of hot meal and a package of food will be given automatically to one of those in need. This collaboration makes it possible for people probably deprived of not only meal but joy to sit at a set table and get in a festive mood in the holiday season.

Those who upload the code will receive a secret recipe of Street Kitchen that can only be accessed this way. “We believe that with a tasty dish and with a little bit of love one can delight anybody, that’s why we joined the initiative” – founder of Street Kitchen Zé Fördős said.

Perhaps, it is the holiday season when people can really understand that a full belly, having a dish in the company of loved ones and knowing that we are not left alone can provide a sense of security. Of course, this feeling means a lot in the everydays too. “Coca‑Cola treats as a priority to help people in need, the homeless, those living in temporary homes or live in a large family so that they can spend the intimate moments of the holidays together and have hot meals - not only in Christmas time but all through the year” – said Judit Szűcs, Communication manager of Coca‑Cola Hungary.

“This campaign enables us to help people with food packages not only in the Christmas season but even afterwards, in January and February too, when people are less motivated to make donations. With this donation, we can help longer and in a larger volume countrywide” – Gábor Nagy, Deputy Chief Director of Hungarian Red Cross added.

Donations will be used in various ways: besides distribution of food, a savings program will be launched in the Temporary Home of Families run by the Red Cross aiming to help the accommodated families start living an independent life as soon as possible.