Experimentation get a new boost from Fluére

Alcohol-free beers are already in their new renaissance, however ingredients of cocktails without alcohol have not yet entered the public knowledge. An alcohol-free distillate, Fluére can now revolutionize mocktails to be available in Hungary as of this August. People who want to stay sober either because of their attitude, or health consciousness, or out of compulsion look very much forward to its coming. The drink distributed by Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary will shake the world of mocktails at the end of this summer.

People having to drive home after parties would have loved to say cheers with the others, but they have been restricted to a few drinks so far like alcohol-free beers if they had wanted to join the party. From now on, they don’t have to miss the real cocktail experience. Mocktails are alcohol-free cocktails for people who love the taste of alcoholic cocktails but either dislike alcohol or they cannot afford to drink alcohol in the given situation. The main ingredients of mocktails are alcohol-free distillates which are increasingly in demand all over the world. But in what sense are they different from soft drinks? The main difference is that they are made in a unique way, distillation and due to that, they taste very different from other non-alcoholic drinks and take after spirits. Therefore, they offer sophisticated, spicy flavours, like gins have, to people who don’t want to drink alcohol.

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One of the most reputed representatives of alcohol-free distillates in the world will appear in the choice of bars, hotels and restaurants in Hungary as of this August, distributed by Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary. Fluére is characterised by a peculiar harmony of flavours comprising juniper, lavender, coriander and lemon which makes it a perfect substitute for a charismatic gin.

Fluére owes its uniqueness to a highly complicated and innovative production process which requires great expertise and is similar to how perfumes are made. Ingredients are distilled in copper pot stills separately then the essential oils extracted are blended in order to get the perfect, final flavour that balances the various ingredients. Fluére can be an excellent component of a “gin-tonic” without the alcohol of gins. However, the piquant drink can also be the ingredient of other bitter and sweet mocktails and cocktails too. It is not by accident that it has won the hearts of bartenders all over the world.

Fluére is a premium quality alcohol-free distillate which is easy to recognise by its elegant and sophisticated looking bottle. Fluére and the new category it has created will invigorate the world of alcohol-free drinks and inspires bartenders to experiment. In short, it will revolutionize mocktails.

Márton Vajda Head of Alcoholic Portfolio at Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary

With Fluére, Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary has targeted a special group of people: those who care about their health but don’t want to compromise on luxury, joys and fun; they think responsibly and are committed to an alcohol-free lifestyle.