A joint initiative so that women and men have the same opportunities and chances in the workplace

100 people, women and men came together in our country for a joint initiative to give women and men the same chances and opportunities at work. Our company sponsored the November issue of Joint Affairs, published in ELLE magazine's column, because we know and believe that diversity in the workplace improves the quality of decision-making and contributes significantly to business success.
Nyilas Orsolya

The employment of women, their chances at the workplace have an impact on their personal lives, their families, but it also affects the success of companies too. As the largest soft drink bottler of Hungary, we believe that equal opportunities for women is a common cause. We are positive that the more women hold positions in the top management, the better the company can perform in business life – and this is supported by international data. With diversity, we can involve more resources, creativity and new approaches into daily work and decision making which is reflected in the results.

Orsolya Nyilas External Communication Manager at Coca-Cola HBC Hungary

Zoran Bogdanovic, the CEO of Coca‑Cola Hellenic officially signed the European initiative (LEAD CEO pledge), its goal is to achieve greater recognition of the performance of men and women in the retail and FMCG industries in Europe.

Coca‑Cola HBC always stays ahead of employee and social expectations: today 37 percent of senior managers are female in our Group, as opposed to their average proportion of 27 percent in the EU.  The proportion of women in managerial positions is growing year by year (last year it was 35%) and we want to reach 50 percent by the year 2025. In Hungary, women make 32 percent of both employees and managers. For us to reach this goal, we need to increase the number of women in lower level managerial positions, because that is where our senior leaders are recruited from.

"We hosted the Girls' Day event for the first time this year and received nearly 40 secondary school girls in our Dunaharaszti plant. We wanted to show them that engineering, science and technology can offer them exciting careers even in our company. We encouraged them to choose a career that probably were not considered womanly before. For us, attracting the future generations is key to success. They are the employees of the future and we believe that only companies preferred by the best and most talented can develop.  We are also very proud that we have launched the series of event #futuremom within the framework of #YouthEmpowered, which concentrates on young mothers. We offer them trainings helping them return to the labor market, but we also give them tips on how to start an enterprise of their own, with mentors and reputed and successful female business owners involved. So far, 340 women have participated in our events. Our #YouthEmpowered program received the social investments award of Effekt 2030 in this October in the category of Everybody's Society." – added Orsolya Nyilas.

We know from experience, that a more diverse group of employees perform better, and we want all of them to feel like full and equal members of the Coca‑Cola HBC team.