Coca-Cola is a Superbrand for the fourteenth consecutive time

It’s been the fourteenth time that Superbrands were awarded, and it is the fourteenth time that Coca‑Cola has won the seal of enduring excellence. Fanta and Naturaqua are also Superbrands, the former for the 10th, the later for the 3rd time.

After a multistage selection process, Superbrands have been awarded again to the best consumer and business brands by a professional jury, this year consisting of 21 independent marketing managers and company executives.

We are proud of the fact that Coca‑Cola has received the award each year since its establishment, while Fanta and Naturaqua are returning winners, as well. This recognition is especially dear to us considering that participation in Superbrands is by invitation only on purely professional grounds, no applications are accepted.

Our flagship brand Coca‑Cola has been present in the Hungarian market since 1967 and it is still the most popular brand sold in the volume of more than 100 million bottles a year. Fanta is among the top five bestselling refreshments in Hungary and market leader in the orange fizzy drinks category since 2006. Naturaqua bottled in our Zalaszentgrót plant since 2002 is one of the best choice of the environment conscious consumers: the heat-pump installed on its spa provides heating, cooling and domestic hot water for its bottling and its packaging is fully recyclable. Naturaqua is a supporter of premature baby care in Hungary, too.

About the International Superbrands Program

Twenty-three years have gone since Superbrands program was relaunched in the UK by reputed marketing and communications experts. They had two objectives in mind: to put outstanding brands under the spotlight and show off examples to follow. The initiative has become known all over the world and today Superbrand status reassures consumers and suppliers in 90 countries that they are buying the best brand in its category. Juries play an important role in each country, the members of which must be highly acknowledged professionals who do their jobs without payment.