We strengthen cooperation with Rézangyal

After six years of successful cooperation, Rézangyal Kereskedelmi Kft and Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary concluded a new agreement aiming to make their cooperation even more fruitful.

As per the agreement, from 1st February 2017, CCHBC Hungary will become the exclusive distributor of Rézangyal pálinkas on all marketing channels and a company affiliated with CCHBC Group will own the brand ownership rights of one of the leading pálinka brands. The two companies are examining the possibility to extend the cooperation for production as well.

rézangyal rézangyal

Rézangyal Kft has been producing and distributing premium quality pálinkas since 2005. Similarly to the business policies of other premium brands, Rézangyal products are created with a special technology, by coupaging different kinds of top quality pálinkas.  Rézangyal, one of the most popular pálinka brand in Hungary, is currently available in 14 flavours. The first partnership agreement between Rézangyal Kft and CCHBC Hungary was concluded back in 2010.