Wake Your Body Award winners in 2016

The award of Coca‑Cola’s Wake Your Body programme attracted almost one hundred applications this year. Attila Pálos was chosen by the professional jury, and Krisztina Háger-Jenei was voted by the public to be the Wake Your Body Award winner of the year.

Coca‑Cola Wake Your Body Award is given to reward people doing their best to build communities, promote balanced lifestyle and multiple leisure sports activities locally. The financial support granted for the winner enables them to strengthen incentives to exercise, purchase equipment, finance sport programmes or renovate sport centres.

tóth valentin

The number of applications indicate that communities play a key role in promoting active lifestyle. The public award winner this year won by 891 votes out of the total 2540. Building and supporting communities is a fundamental part of Coca Cola HBC Hungary’s CSR strategy, that is the reason we have founded the Wake Your Body Award.

Valentin Tóth Communications Director of Coca Cola HBC Hungary
pálos attila pálos attila

Attila Pálos

The winner of this year’s public award is Krisztina Háger-Jenei. The aerobic trainer gets people moving around Salgótarján, with the aim of prevention from illnesses. Children, elderly people and even police station workers visit her classes regularly. Her popularity is reflected best by the 891 votes she received to win. She is planning to spend the entire prize to buy sports equipment and to organize a team-building aerobic camp. The winners will spend their 500.000 HUF prize to get their community moving.

hager-jenei_krisztina_kicsi_original hager-jenei_krisztina_kicsi_original

Krisztina Háger-Jenei

kádár-papp nóra

It was a great honour to win the Wake Your Body Award. I honestly congratulate the winners of this year and I wish them to experience all the positive experience I have had last year.

Nóra Kádár-Papp Wake Your Body Ambassador, jury prize winner of 2015

Coca‑Cola Testébresztő (Wake Your Body) is Coca Cola HBC Hungary's active lifestyle programme, which has been supporting recreational sports and active lifestyles since 2005. For more than 10 years, we have encouraged over 3 million of our fellow citizens to live a more active life. We have spent over HUF 1 billion on shaping positive attitudes towards active lifestyles.

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