Water stewardship policy


Our water stewardship policy is set out below. It is owned and endorsed by the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the Board of Directors; responsibility for the successful implementation of this programme belongs with every Coca‑Cola Hellenic employee at each level and function in the organisation.

Water is vital to human and community development. Coca‑Cola Hellenic strives to limit its impacts on watersheds and promote water stewardship activities in the communities where it operates. We will ensure that our use of water respects the needs of our communities.

We believe that industry has a key role to play in finding sustainable solutions to today’s water challenges. We recognise that human development and climate change will profoundly influence water availability and will work to mitigate changes and adapt to them.

The direct water impacts of Coca‑Cola Hellenic operations result mostly from the use of water in bottling plants. Indirect impacts result from the virtual water embedded in its ingredients and, to a lesser extent, from its packaging.

In accordance with our environmental policy, we commit to: 

  • Minimise the impact from operations, by decreasing water use and ensuring that wastewater is fully treated to levels that sustain aquatic life
  • Assess future water availability and reduce environmental and social risks linked to our use of water
  • Work with suppliers to understand the water footprint of raw materials, in particular agricultural products such as sugar and fruit
  • Engage communities to increase awareness and protection of water resources, through local and international partnership programmes
  • Provide emergency supplies of water to communities in the aftermath of disasters
  • Contribute to the development of water standards and policies, locally and internationally, in partnership with key stakeholders
  • Work with organisations and initiatives such the UN Global Compact Water
  • Share and promote water stewardship practices

We report comprehensively and transparently on our water impacts and activities, under the guidance of key stakeholders.

Coca‑Cola HBC water stewardship policy