Energy Policy


At Coca‑Cola HBC, we are dedicated to reduce our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission related to our activities in spirit of sustainable development.

Our aim is to offer safe, quality products and services to our partners and customers, in which we are committed to create coherence between reaching our business goals, protecting the environment and using energy efficiently. We intend to achieve this goal by installing and maintaining energy efficiency measures and the Energy Management System

Our commitment is based on the following principles:

  • We aim to continuously reduce our energy consumption and increase energy performance while maintaining our services ’ quality and our employees’ comfort.
  • We strive to explore and cease every energy wasting point by regularly reviewing our processes.
  • We contribute to reduce greenhouse gas emission by reducing our energy consumption in addition to costs.
  • We strive to observe and apply current legislations related to energy consumption and efficiency, and we apply the internal Group standards.
  • We execute and certify ISO 50001 energy management system in favour of continuously increasing energy performance.
  • Commitment towards reducing energy consumption and increasing energy performance is a task and responsibility for every leader and employee of the company.
  • We familiarize our employees about the company’s energy policy, the aims of the energy controlling system and the methods and results of their implementation. We provide the required training and information for maintaining energy awareness to every employee, which they can use not only at their workplace, but even in their homes and wider environment.
  • We determine our targets during the operation of the energy management system. We reconsider our targets every year and we define the new targets and forthcoming trends based on the results of assessment.
  • The leadership of the company provides every information and source to be accessible in order to reach every energy efficiency target and forthcoming trend.
  • We prefer products and services which are contributing to reach our energy efficiency goals and to maintain the company’s energy performance.

As the general manager of the company, I am personally committed to implement and maintain the Energy Policy of Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary.

Minas Stylianos Angelidis

Energy policy