Code of Business Conduct


The Code of Business Conduct is Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary’s essential over-arching policy. All our employees are responsible for upholding our commitment to the highest standards of business conduct.

Across the board, Coca‑Cola HBC’s employees are committed to the highest standards of business conduct. Our Code of Business Conduct is the foundation of how we safeguard compliance across our company.

The Code enables managers to promote a culture of ethics, based on compliance and leadership by example. They can respond quickly and clearly to employees’ concerns, drawing on the wealth of experience within the company.

We encourage our employees to speak up and look for guidance where needed, and to make sure that they have all necessary approvals for key decisions. This minimises the risk of deviation from or violation of the guidelines set out in the Code of Business Conduct.

We also lend our voice to matters which affect our communities – standing ready to bring our expertise and leadership to resolving matters across suppliers, customers, consumers and competitors. This uncompromising pledge to integrity is one of the many ways in which we drive perfection.

By communicating our Code of Business Conduct effectively, we guarantee an efficient and equitable workplace and a competent and considerate workforce.

All resources are easily accessible, not only to our team but to anyone who would like to find out how they can become effective stewards of responsible business practice.

Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary Code of Business Conduct