Climate change policy


Coca‑Cola Hellenic strives to limit its impacts on climate change and to carry out all its business activities in a sustainable manner.

We believe that industry has a key role to play in finding sustainable solutions to today’s climate challenges.

The direct greenhouse gas emissions from Coca‑Cola Hellenic operations result mostly from the use of energy in bottling plants and fleet. Indirect emissions stem from raw materials (ingredients and packaging) and cold drink equipment.

In accordance with our Environmental Policy, we will:

  • Reduce the energy used in our operations.
  • Implement alternative or renewable energy technologies such as combined heat and power plants and solar panels, where practical to provide additional sustainable energy for our facilities.
  • Engage with stakeholders to combat climate change.
  • Work with suppliers to reduce the carbon embedded in packaging materials, the carbon footprint of our cold drink equipment and ingredient suppliers to minimise their carbon impacts.
  • Set targets to reduce our supply chain carbon emissions
  • Report our greenhouse gas emissions, targets, results and activities openly and in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Coca‑Cola HBC climate change policy statement