#YouthEmpowered for youth

We launched our #YouthEmpowered program in 2017 which focuses on reducing youth unemployment.

#YouthEmpowered program started in autumn 2017 aiming to enhance the chances of young people between the age of 18-30 in the labour market. The program lasting until 2020 provides free trainings for young people who seek for job, are currently unemployed but do not learn in public education, namely NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training).

In line with the goals of Coca‑Cola HBC Group, with this program, we address issues of the Hungarian labour market that hit primarily the younger generation. We want to provide them with a network to tap into, which enhances their labour market chances, helps them build a better career and allows for a better life.

We think that quite often it is not the lack of professional knowledge but self-confidence, motivation, network or certain communication skills that hinder young people from finding a proper job in the labour market.

The offline and online training courses of #YouthEmpowered have been designed to develop the above-mentioned skills and were attended by more than 4000 young people since 2017.

Experience so far has highlighted that pregnant women and mothers on maternity leave make a specific group and have special difficulties in returning to job due to their unique situation. However, exactly this special situation which endows them with knowledge and skills often hidden and untapped which they would be able to benefit from even when establishing an enterprise.

  • 669 young people have joined the program until the end of 2017
  • 3589 people by 2018
  • 8000 young people is the goal by 2020