Sustainability report

We report on our sustainability performance and goals, the progress we make each year in our Sustainability Report.

Our commitment to responsible water use permeates all our processes and our supply chain.


In order to maintain sustainable and responsible operation, we are committed to using energy efficiently while reducing the carbon-dioxide emission of our energy consumption.



We consider an important step that our Zalaszentgrót plant has used 100% green electricity since 2016 and our Dunaharaszti plant has done so since 2017.



We raise our employees’ awareness of the importance of waste recycling through trainings held every year and regularly reconsider if new ways of waste recycling were available.



We measure the satisfaction and engagement of our employees with surveys meeting international standards, based on their findings we prepare systematic, companywide and functional action plans.

About our sustainability report

Since 2008, we have given an account of our sustainability performance and the progress we make. Since 2016, we have prepared our Sustainability Report on a yearly basis, according to the most widely used international framework GRI Standards, level “Core”.

In this report, we summarize our most important commitments, pursuits and impacts, while we maintain transparency and objectivity in publication since transparent operation and our stakeholders’ trust are of utmost importance for us.