We support our communities

Our successes are hugely depended on the vitality and wellbeing of the communities we live and operate within.

Our responsible operation requires us to address the needs and demands of the communities that surround us. We are for openness, partnership and mutual respect in the relationship with our communities everywhere we work, live and distribute our products.

We actively participate in the lives of our communities through our volunteering and #YouthEmpowered programs and we want to establish long term partnerships.

Our employees as volunteers for local communities

Our corporate volunteering program having operated since 2007 is a key element of our CSR strategy. Within the framework of this program, our employees support important local projects and by this means we integrate social responsibility mindset into our daily operation and raise sense of responsibility for communities within our organisation.

83 employees of ours performed voluntary work in 664 hours in 2017

„To do something voluntarily for somebody we don’t know – it is so good that one tends to be addicted to it!” János Kormos, Area Transport Manager, Coca Cola HBC Magyarország