Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary is a member of the Hellenic Group which operates in 28 countries and serves 593 million consumers.

Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary has invested HUF 114 billion since the startup of its operations and has become one of the regional production hubs of the Hellenic Group. We are also the largest soft drink bottler in Hungary and one of the largest food processing companies in the country.


Almost two-thirds of all raw materials are provided by Hungarian suppliers, while a large percentage of the finished products is sold internationally, exported to 25 countries. We strengthen the regional competitiveness of the Hungarian economy and provide a safe market for local food producers, as well as create new jobs and contribute to the improvement of the Hungarian trade balance.

As one of the largest taxpayers in Hungary, we paid HUF 24 billion in taxes to the state budget in 2015.

Our products

We sell and distribute over 70 different products, 90 percent of which are produced in Hungary.

Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary is the third largest spirit distributor in the country, with a unique portfolio of premium spirit brands including those from Campari and Brown-Forman.

Our company also operates the Vendit brand vending machines which serve cold and hot drinks (coffee, cappuccino).

Our plants and warehouses