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Zero Waste Tisza program has won an international PR award

Coca‑Cola Hungary’s environmental protection CSR program, the Zero Waste Tisza has won the International Public Relations Association’s award: the program launched to clean River Tisza and its surrounding has earned the prestigious award in two categories.

Costa to win over the Hungarian market – the domestic launch comes with coffee experiences and a brand ambassador

At first, people didn’t drink coffee, they ate it: they chewed the dried beans because they thought it would give them special strength. According to statistics, we drink more than 2 million cups of coffee globally each day. In Hungary, the adult population consumes an average of 2.7 cups a day, and although the main function of coffee consumption for Hungarians is to help them wake up, more and more people drink it to enjoy it. Costa Coffee – which was introduced to the domestic commercial market this May, and its iconic blend was created after 112 variations – builds on this consumer demand.

Costa taps into Hungary’s love of coffee

Hungary is among the first Coca‑Cola HBC markets to launch at-home, at-work, in HoReCa and on-the-go Costa Coffee products since The Coca‑Cola Company acquired Costa Coffee last year. “With 85% of Hungarians adults drinking coffee and half taking a regular coffee break at work, Hungary is an attractive and lucrative coffee market. Our ambition is to achieve a 20 percent market share in the premium segment of the Hungarian coffee market in the first 12 months with Costa Coffee”, said Márton Vajda, the company's Premium Spirits & Coffee Manager.

Google and Coca‑Cola Hungary have joined forces again to help young jobseekers

Google Hungary’s Grow with Google and Coca‑Cola Hungary’s #YouthEmpowered programme have joined forces to support young jobseekers through a free training session organised on the 13th July. The companies’ joint webinar will cover topics such as safe online presence and remote work –presented by Google’s experts, while the trainer of #YouthEmpowered will help participants to learn about the basic skills needed for job searching and starting a new job. The aim of the training sessions is to offer guidance to participants on how to build a strong online presence, how to prevail in the digital world after the pandemic and how to find the most suitable positions with the help of these.

Coca‑Cola to pause all social media activity in July

The Coca‑Cola Company will pause paid and organic posts on all social media platforms globally for at least 30 days, effective July 1, Chairman and CEO James Quincey announced on Friday. Coca‑Cola HBC joined the initiative as partners, so life stops in the bottling company’s social media platforms in July.

The PET Cup tracks the waste’s path with transmitter bottles

Experts of the PET Cup let PET bottles equipped with GPS into the river, with the help of the Upper Tisza Diving and Lifeguard Organization. The four bottles thrown into the flooding Tisza at Vásárosnamény are helping the PET Cup’s waste monitoring program. During the tracking research, the bottles receive GPS signals and transmit radio signals. The devices developed within the Zero Waste Tisza project can help to track the waste’s path that floats on the river for up to two years. The electronically marked bottles – Táltos (Dasher), Villám (Vixen), Táncos (Dancer) and Pompás (Prancer) – got their names in an internet naming campaign.

Enjoy the flavors, as restaurants are open like never before!

During the recovery period, Coca‑Cola is helping one of the industries that were hit the hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic, the HoReCa sector. Most restaurants had been closed in recent months and therefore had no revenue. Starting from the 1st of July, Coca‑Cola Hungary will support this sector with a large-scale campaign. They have made and will display personalized advertisements – posters, online advertisements, and in-restaurant promotional materials – for more than 430 customers in Budapest and across the country. Most restaurants in this difficult situation cannot afford to spend on these, while they are in a huge need for publicity.

What characterizes today’s young unemployed in Hungary?

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the – proportion of young people between 15-34 in Hungary, who are not in education, employment or training - the so-called NEET – was around 15%. While employment has continuously grown during the last couple of years, a question emerged: who belongs to NEET youth today in Hungary, and how can they be supported, especially now, after the pandemic? Coca‑Cola Hungary’s #YouthEmpowered programme has helped over 9.000 young jobseekers over the last few years and has organised over 80 in-person trainings all-around the country, with the absolutely essential contribution of a team of 20 professional trainers. The programme’s target groups were recently analysed through a research conducted by Kantar-Hoffmann.

Coca‑Cola Hungary provided 165 million forints worth support and donation during the pandemic

Due the relief of pandemic restrictions in June Coca‑Cola volunteers returned to their regular job after giving a full-time support for a month for Hungarian Red Cross. In addition, Coca‑Cola Hungary provided product donations, along with other financial and marketing support worth nearly 165 million forints during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The harmony of values is presented in a short film

A premium pálinka can only be made from fruit selected with great care and expertise, and with the help of highly skilled distillers. András Márton, Rézangyal’s blend master shows us in a short film, how the different flavor and aroma characteristics complement each other in a perfect way through blending.

Coca‑Cola helps consumers and restaurants find each other again with over 100,000 bottles of gift drinks

During the restriction period, the consumption basically stopped at about three-quarters of Coca‑Cola partners selling immediate consumption products. Coca‑Cola felt obliged to support one of the most economically affected sectors: HoReCa. To reconnect consumers with their favorite restaurants after the forced break, the company’s nationwide initiative will ensure that participating restaurants can welcome back guests with free Coca‑Cola drinks on June 19th, 2020. More than 100,000 bottles of Coca‑Cola, worth 50 million HUF, are waiting chilled and ready, in almost 350 locations across the country!

Together again – Gianni encourages a return

„My mother has taught me that you always have to wait for the perfect moment in life. Well, this is the moment!” – says Gianni Annoni with her wife, Zita Debreczeni in this heartwarming video, which shows us how life is slowly returning to the terraces and gardens of HoReCa outlets. Restaurants, cafés, and hotels had to close for a long time due to the pandemic, and the tourists went home. Locals are still cautious about the situation and find it hard to return to their old habits and favorite places.

Coca‑Cola HBC brings the great taste of Costa Coffee to the Hungarian market

The 28-market strong Coca‑Cola HBC unveils a new range of Costa Coffee products to enjoy at-home, at-work, and on-the-go. Hungary is among the first European countries to launch the Costa brand, since The Coca‑Cola Company acquired it last year.

#YouthEmpowered launched a video series to help studying from home

Our #YouthEmpowered program, which aims to help young people to find their way on the labour market, has just launched a 13-episode video series focusing on online learning. While the program’s in-person trainings are currently on hold due to the epidemic, the program is now encouraging participants to register to the free online #YouthEmpowered trainings. In the video series Dr. Erika Sinkó, the program’s professional coordinator is now giving us a behind the scenes view on online modules and explains why it is important to learn new skills even in times of a pandemic.

Our customers are partners in charity too

We are living through unprecedented times, but even in this difficult situation, there are still stories that gives us hope and makes us smile. Crisis can bring out the best in people – which is especially true to our company’s customers, who stepped up as selfless helpers during the pandemic.

Coca‑Cola helps the Hungarian Red Cross by providing logistics support

17,000 chocolate bars, 10,000 eggs, a tremendous amount of diapers, canned food, and cooking oil – these are just a few examples of the donations Coca‑Cola’s regional representatives delivered last week across the country, using company cars. Since the beginning of May 2020, the Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary has been helping the Hungarian Red Cross with its fleet and employees since the charitable organization is in a massive need of logistics support to deliver donations in time to the people most affected by the pandemic.

Coca Cola HBC Hungary wins every award in its own category

Nearly a hundred people attended this year’s professional promotions event, which Trade Magazine organized for the 12th time and was held online due to the unusual circumstances. Based on the opinion of the ten jury members and the focus group tests, all awards from the Beverages category was given to Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary.

“How can I help you?” - Coca‑Cola and The Hungarian Red Cross teams up for a poster campaign promoting to stay at home and help the elderly

Shopping for grocery, going to the pharmacy, walking the dog, and many other important activities. We understand that it is hard to get the elderly to stay at home, because these duties really can’t be postponed. Luckily, there is a way for people over 65 to not leave their homes without giving up on their needs. One possible solution is our awareness poster, which will be displayed on the gates of apartment buildings and on small town public institutions during the pandemic, by the workers of the Hungarian Red Cross. The poster is also available online for print.

Together for the people in the most difficult times – how the Hungarian Red Cross helps during the crisis situation due to coronavirus

Coronavirus radically changed the life of every individual, company and institution. Charity organizations also had to react to the situation quickly. Those who already were in a difficult position have now become even more vulnerable, and some communities that up until now were not directly endangered require greater support. The almost 140 year-old Hungarian Red Cross has adapted and continues to adapt its work to the new circumstances, receiving help from several other sides.

Coca‑Cola is among the signatories of the common declaration for the protection of water

Water is the key to our survival. It has never been more important to protect the freshwaters of Europe, as 60% of European rivers, lakes and moorlands are not adequate anymore to supply water and serve nature in a sufficient qualilty.


From April and until further notice, we’re putting commercial advertising for Coca‑Cola and all our brands on hold. Our focus at this time is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our associates and communities.

Two Coca‑Cola Hungary programs won international awards

Two social responsibility programs of Coca‑Cola Hungary won the international Communitas Awards this year: the Zero Waste Tisza River program, launched to clean the Tisza and its surroundings, and #YouthEmpowered, helping young people find work on the labor market. Each year, the Communitas Award is given to corporate initiatives where NGOs and public organs join hands to achieve results in treating certain social phenomena.

One of the most polluted Natura 2000 floodplain forests of the Hungarian river Tisza will be cleaned from garbage this weekend

Water experts and professionals of the PET Cup – the latter awarded with the Curator Prize at the latest Highlights of Hungary – intend to clean a Natura 2000 floodplain forest area between 28 February and 1 March. The highly polluted area between the towns of Vásárosnamény and Tiszaszalka was explored in 2018 due to waste monitoring processes, done by the PET Cup and ever since they have regularly organised waste collecting activities.

This spring, Römerquelle arrives in stores in bottles made of bottles

Römerquelle mineral water will soon be available in Hungary in bottles made of 100% percent recycled plastic. The motto on its label, „Bottle made of bottle” means that Römerquelle packaging had a previous life: it was produced by collecting and recyling waste bottles. And since they are 100% recyclable, consumers may also contribute to starting a new cycle. These so-called rePets are a novelty in Hungary, so this initiative is a significant step in the sustainability strategy of The Coca‑Cola Company, to whose portfolio this brand of mineral water belongs. On this occasion, Pajta Restaurant in the region of Őrség won the Römerquelle - Dining Guide Sustainability Prize.

Look at the cap, recycle the bottle!

Coca‑Cola Hungary is fully on board with recycling as many soft drink bottles as possible and the government's efforts to support this drive. We are fully aware that the inadequate management of plastic waste presents a serious environmental problem, and we want to be part of the solution. We are convinced that the collection and recycling of packaging materials is the best and most sustainable cycle in managing packaging waste.

Coca‑Cola cans are much lighter

Coca‑Cola Hungary has reduced the weight of its aluminum cans by 13%. The canned beverages manufactured in Hungary and marketed in 19 countries will see a reduction in aluminum use amounting to 170 tons a year, effective 2020, greatly reducing the environmental strain of production and delivery, thus, the overall ecological footprint of the company.

Hungarian mineral water and soft drink producers launch the revolution in recycling plastic

Hungarian mineral water and soft drink producers are the first in the country’s food industry to make commitments to sustainability. The members of the Hungarian Mineral Water, Juice and Soft Drink Association (MAGYÜSZ) – including Coca‑Cola Hungary – has made a commitment to bring the ratio of recycled plastic in their packaging to 50% by 2030 and from this point on, all member companies will actively promote the importance of recycling.

Collaboration for Tisza proved successful

The three-party collaboration announced in mid-July by Plastic Cup, the General Directorate of Water Management and Coca‑Cola has been closed with the stopping, removal and recycling of 10 000 tonnes of waste and drift wood collected at the Kisköre Dam. Thanks to the actions organised by Plastic Cup a further 36 tonnes of waste had been collected on Lake Tisza and the upper sections of the river. More than half of the waste harvested was recycled. In the wintertime, research will be conducted to explore path of drift waste.

The Hungarian Business Leaders Forum (HBLF) "Business World for the Environment Award" 2019

This was the 12th time HBLF Business World for the Environment Awards have been handed over – the professional jury announced winners in five categories recognising companies that performed outstandingly well in environment protection and sustainability.

The Coca‑Cola System introduces innovative KeelClip™ packaging technology on multipack cans in Europe: a first for the NARTD industry

The Coca‑Cola System introduces innovative KeelClip™ packaging technology on multipack cans in Europe: a first for the NARTD industry

Workout plan for working women – How to be your best self on the labour market!

Exciting and novel event helped job seeking and working women at Loffice on November 14th


Future Coca‑Cola bottles can be made of recycled sea waste and paper

Coca‑Cola invests a lot of resources into the development of sustainable packaging solutions. The company announced World Without Waste strategy last year and now it joins a pioneering community of companies in cooperation with the Danish Paboco paper bottle manufacturer start-up. Paboco wants to produce a completely bio-based and recyclable paper bottle for the first time in the world, which could serve as packaging for carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, beauty products and other everyday consumer products. Meanwhile, Coca‑Cola revealed innovation of a bottle made of recycled sea waste as a pilot, experimental project.

Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary receives the Award of Excellence for Best FMCG-workplace

After two years, Best FMCG-workplace Award of Excellence was handed over again: Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary was among the winners. The young people who participated in the survey that was used to assess companies, were the most appreciative of the flexible working hours, predictable workload and satisfactory salary.

Almost 2 tonnes of waste were collected by volunteers on the upper section of the River Tisza- Celebrating World Cleanup Day, employees of Coca‑Cola Hungary organised a volunteer day again.

Shoes, bottles, PET bottles and many other kinds of garbage pollute the River Tisza, its floodplains and reed beds. Volunteers of Coca‑Cola Hungary and Plastic Cup collected more than 1.8 tonnes of waste on the Tisza section off the Kisköre Dam, within the framework of Zero Waste Tisza program, on last Friday. This was the second event of the program which was organised as part of World Cleanup Day and surpassed its debut in July when 1,5 tonnes of waste had been removed from the river. The initiative was joined by the Kayak Olympic Champion Ákos Verekckei.

The #YouthEmpowered program has won the Effekt 2030 award

Business that creates opportunities, Economy of the future, Green balance and Everyone’s society – these were the categories in which Effekteam has awarded the different environmental and social investment programs of companies. Economic operators that are committed to change and invest their capital and resources into projects, products, services or businesses that have a positive and measurable effect, and create value for both the investors and the communities involved, can aspire to take home one of the Effekt 2030 awards. This year’s winners were awarded during the Közösség. Hatás. Jövő. (Community. Effekt. Future) conference.

Almost 2 tonnes of waste were collected by volunteers on the upper section of the River Tisza- Celebrating World Cleanup Day, employees of Coca‑Cola Hungary organised a volunteer day again.

Shoes, bottles, PET bottles and many other kinds of garbage pollute the River Tisza, its floodplains and reed beds. Volunteers of Coca‑Cola Hungary and Plastic Cup collected more than 1.8 tonnes of waste on the Tisza section off the Kisköre Dam, within the framework of Zero Waste Tisza program, on last Friday. This was the second event of the program which was organised as part of World Cleanup Day and surpassed its debut in July when 1,5 tonnes of waste had been removed from the river. The initiative was joined by the Kayak Olympic Champion Ákos Verekckei.

Career changes without age limits- High-demand jobs and career opportunities in the focus of a unique career day

Based on a recent survey in the topic, we can no longer avoid the actuality of career changes: right now, 2 out of 5 people are already in the process of a career change, while other 2 are preparing for it. Coworkid Foundation and Coca‑Cola Hungary’s #YouthEmpowered program have brought together key representatives of the labor market for a unique event.

Google and Coca‑Cola Hungary to train young entrepreneurs

Coca‑Cola Hungary’s #YouthEmpowered initiative, which aims to increase the chances of young jobseekers on the labour market, is to join Google’s Digital Workshop trainings on 5 occasions this autumn. The goal of the Digital Workshops is to make digital facilities accessible for anyone. The two companies will work together on training young entrepreneurs during the day-long, comprehensive workshops. The free, business-focused trainings will be first organised on the 9th September in Budapest, followed by 4 other occasions in different parts of the country. The training, which is tailored to the needs of recent graduates, is free to attend for anyone, who would like to learn more about how to prevail through their own business and find out more about the digital tools that are essential for their success.

New operational marketing manager at Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary

As of 24 June 2019, András Palkó was appointed new operational marketing manager at Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary. He has worked in various leadership positions for the last six years in beer industry. The experience he has gained so far will now be utilized in the largest soft drink company of Hungary.

Bulldog is making its way into the Hungarian gin market

One of the world’s most well-known and beloved premium gins has now been made available in the Hungarian bars and outlets. It is not by accident that Bulldog Gin became a bartenders’ favourite: the drink reinterpreting the traditions of London Dry Gin had already turned the British gin market upside down.

Check out our latest Sustainability Report on our website

Our latest Sustainability Report has been published on our website which includes not only business successes of the year 2018, but how we did our best and what we will do in the future to meet our obligations deriving from our responsibility as a large company.

Naked Grouse Gold Award - Purity is remunerative

Naked Grouse scooped up a GOLD Award for the brand’s redesign at the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards 2019. The jury recognised the impactful design underpinning Naked’s distinctive personality, which had tangible results in sales.

1.5 tonnes of waste in 4 hours - Coca‑Cola Hungary employees collected waste at the Kisköre Dam on the River Tisza

Blooming trees, tranquil waters and an extremely rich fauna – this characterises the River Tisza and its artificial lake, Lake Tisza. The view is exceptional but now, as a result of the floods of the last few weeks, it is defaced by a field of waste sometimes 3 metres thick jammed at the Kisköre Dam covering an area of 17 thousand square metres.

Stronger, prouder and more colourful – Cinzano Vermouth gets a revamp

2019 is the year of renewal: the Cinzano vermouths, which represent 260 years of expertise, will get a new, premium look from the second half of July. While their alcohol content will slightly increase, the flavour and character of the beverages will remain the same, and the new packaging will make them easier to recognise thanks to the caps and colour codes.

Affordable Luxury – Every Drop is Like Gold. The ambassador of one of the world’s most exclusive whisky brands has visited Hungary.

For the first time this year, in July, the regional brand ambassador of Macallan, one of the most famous Scotch whisky brands, visited Budapest. The Black Swan Bar was packed with people who came to listen to Anna G. Metaxas’ presentation. Bar owners, bar tenders, gastro bloggers and journalists came to listen to the brand ambassador, and, of course, to taste some 12 and 15-year-old Macallan whiskies. According to Metaxas, the single malts of one of the oldest Scottish distilleries are certainly a good choice for those who like spending on a little luxury and unique quality and respect tradition.

Coca‑Cola HBC to launch Costa Coffee in multiple markets in 2020

Coca‑Cola HBC – one of the largest Coca‑Cola bottlers in the world – plans to launch Costa Coffee in at least 10 of its 28 markets next year, including Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia and Switzerland. This will address a broad range of consumer and customer needs across multiple channels and occasions, in line with Coca‑Cola HBC’s leading 24/7 beverage partner vision.

Three-party cooperation for the Zero Waste Tisza

After the floods of the last few weeks, a record amount of waste consisting of driftwood and household garbage – mainly plastic – has hit the Kisköre dam again. The size of the drift-field reaches 17 000 square metres and it is more than 3 metres high right at the dam. The waste is already being removed, but experts expect more waste to come with weather extremities growing. The water management organisation, an NGO and a company have now joined efforts to find an effective solution. The Directorate General of Water Management plans to develop the load area, the PET Cup non-profit environmental program participates in the sorting and recycling of the waste collected. The Coca‑Cola Foundation – the global foundation of Coca‑Cola – provides financial support for the remedy of the problem within the framework of the project Zero Waste Tisza. The cooperation of the three parties aims to prevent the river from being polluted by continuous issue management, to recycle the mass of the waste collected and to clean the river in an increasing extent.

Rézangyal’s new premium collection is a celebration of fruit

Rézangyal, one of Hungary’s most popular brands of pálinka, is launching a product palette of high-end pálinka blends in the middle of July. Naturally, the sophisticated flavours will be matched with brand new exclusive packaging evoking the main ingredients of the fruit brandy.

Termination of Lavazza collaboration

Coca‑Cola HBC and Lavazza have announced today the ending of their collaboration in Hungary, effective from October 31st, 2019. Both companies are committed to providing the same support given to their customers and honour all current agreements in the period up to the effective date.

5+1 steps to follow to become a successful entrepreneur – even as a young mother. Coca‑Cola Hungary’s and Loffice Coworkid’s joint workshop encourages young moms to start their own business.

Anyone can be a successful entrepreneur – even as a parent! This was the message of the joint event of Coca‑Cola Hungary’s #YouthEmpowered program and Loffice Coworkid. During the meetup five experts shared their best advice from the fields of law, taxes, finances and marketing with the participating mothers, but the workshops covered the opportunities included in the latest family protection action plan issued by the government as well. With the help of our experts, we have collected the 5+1 most important steps to follow for young moms who plan to start their own business and wish to return to the labour market.

More than half a billion HUF investment by Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary: The new bottled Natur Aqua is available from June in restaurants

Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary has spent about two million euros, which is more than half a billion forints, to develop new NaturAqua bottles which are available from June, which will replace the quarter-liter with 0,33 liter bottles, while at the same time changing the exterior of the 0,75 liter bottle. The premium-looking small and large packages also received a brand-new label and a screw cap.

Taking their fate in their own hands - Young parents on their way to become entrepreneurs

Being able to manage our own time is one of the biggest benefits of being an entrepreneur or a free-lancer. Doing so as a young parent means that we have even more time to spend with our family. It seems on obvious step for young mothers and fathers to start their own business while being at home during the time of the childcare benefit. Some of them realise their need to work independently, while some come up with their own marketable idea, but data shows that for most of them, these will remain dreams.

#YouthEmpowered is quickly approaching its goal: we are already over 5500 participants

Over 5500 people have participated during the last 1,5 years in our #YouthEmpowered program, which aims to enhance the chances of young people in the labour market. The program, which offers free trainings for NEET youth, disadvantaged groups, young moms and expectant mothers, and people with disabilities, have gained over 4700 online participants until the middle of May. The program’s in person, day-long trainings have been attended by over 800 people since the start of the program in 2017. The number of participants is growing at a good pace to reach its goal: reaching 8000 participants by the end of 2020.

Sugar and calorie content of soft drinks almost halved in Hungary

Average sugar and calorie content of soft drinks and juices has decreased by 43 percent in Hungary since 2010. According to the voluntary commitment by Hungarian Mineral Water, Fruit Juice and Soft Drink Association, the average sugar and calorie content of non-alcoholic drinks will have been reduced by 50 percent by the end of 2020 as compared to 2010.

Coca‑Cola Hungary has hosted Girls’ Day for the first time

„What is the role of a microbiologist?”, „Where do new flavours come from?” and „What does an IT leader do?” – just a few of the most interesting questions asked by those 30 high school students, who have visited us on 30th April on the occasion of Girls’ Day. The open day connects the best universities, companies and research institutes of the country, aiming to inspire young girls by proving them that girls and women can also have exciting carriers in STEM fields as well.

Expectant mothers and moms are the entrepreneurs of the future

Vera Tóth, Boglárka Csemer and other celebrities participate at an inspirational round-table event for women, where they discuss how to prevail in the labour market.

We give a new look to Rézangyal

The most well-known palinka brand of Hungary is being renewed: the 12-year-old outfit of Rézangyal and the current product portfolio will be updated. One thing is sure: the constant high quality remains.

Brugal 1888 rum arrives in Hungary

„1888 is a rum which is enjoyed best neat and sipped – claims 1888 Rum Global Ambassador Pavol Kazimir, who showed off the extraordinary rum on the 14th of April at BarShow, a barlife trade show. A day later, in addition to professionals of barlife, gastro bloggers and journalists could also taste the noble rum served by the master mixer in Boutiq’Bar.


Coca‑Cola HBC Magyarország Kft. appoints new general manager

László Békefi returns to Hungary to take over the helm at Hungary’s Beverage Leader

Coca‑Cola Hungary announces the launch of Coca‑Cola Energy


Coca‑Cola Hungary’s #YouthEmpowered program to expand

Budapest, March 19, 2019 - Coca‑Cola Hungary’s #YouthEmpowered program is expanding to new training locations and to more participants. The initiative’s objective is to enhance the chances of young people between the age 18-30 in the labor market. In 2019, the program continues with the cooperation of Coca‑Cola HBC and the Hungarian subsidiary of The Coca‑Cola Company, focusing on trainings for young women and disadvantaged groups as well.


The future belongs to heroines!

Following last year’s successful #futuremum series of programmes, the two organisations will continue their cooperation in 2019, planning several professional development days, entrepreneurship workshops, meetups supporting women’s return to the labour market after maternity leave and #myfuture trainings to promote equal opportunities for women and help them become heroines.


Hungarian soft drink manufacturers made commitment to reducing sugar in their products

In the Hungarian food manufacturing industry, soft drink producers are the first to make voluntary commitment to reducing the amount of sugar in their products. The Hungarian Mineral Water, Fruit Juice and Soft Drink Association has announced today that the average sugar- and calorie content of their non-alcoholic beverages will be cut by 50% compared to 2010 level by end of 2020.

FUZETEA has won Product of the Year Award in the category of ice teas

This was the eighth time Product of the Year Awards have been handed over on the 4th March 2019. This year, premium category products and goods of comfort have caught up with healthy products, the shooting stars of the last few years.


New sales director at Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary

As of January 2019, Yiannis Kesisoglou from Greece has filled the position of Country Sales Director at Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary. His predecessor, György Galántai who has worked for the company for the last 17 years was appointed Country Sales Director of Coca‑Cola HBC Romania as of 12th of February.


1000 people have already completed the free #YouthEmpowered training course

Since the start of the #YouthEmpowered program, 1000 young people have already completed the free, full-day training provided by Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary designed to equip jobseekers with the necessary tools to quickly find a job. The company invited NGOs last November to organise trainings via tender so even more entrants could learn basic social and entrepreneurial skills.


Hungarian Sustainability report for 2017

Download (PDF, 3.0mb)

Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary to sign dual training agreement with four universities

A recent survey conducted by CCHBC Hungary among the students of the four universities revealed that they are enthusiastic about dual training. When it comes to job seeking, most of them consider the possibility of professional development more important than salary.


We strengthen cooperation with Rézangyal

After six years of successful cooperation, Rézangyal Kereskedelmi Kft and Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary concluded a new agreement aiming to make their cooperation even more fruitful.

Case Study

Sustainable Zala

Our NaturAqua mineral water bottling plant in Zalaszentgrót is an excellent example, proving that even such high performing plants can be operated sustainably, using 100% renewable resources.

Coca‑Cola HBC makes the “Threepeat” as the global beverage industry leader on the DJSI

Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, one of the most credible and widely recognized sustainability ranking for companies acknowledges Coca‑Cola HBC for its robust, transparent and consistent sustainability performance

Plant visit

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10 winners of our quiz could visit the Coca‑Cola plant in Dunaharaszti.

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