Coca‑Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (CCHBC) has launched a new comprehensive programme, aiming to offer a possible solution for youth unemployment.

As a responsible company, it is our obligation to address this critical issue, which affects our operation as well.

The main objective of the group level programme is to support the NEET group (Not in employment, education or training) aged between 18-30 and in job seeking and successful employment. The special training programme developes their soft-skills and by doing so, increases their mobility and enhances their labour market opportunities.

This initiative provides a free, one-day training course for 500 thousand NEET youngsters in group level (28 counties) and 8 thousand in Hungary by 2020. Although #youth empowered has been launched only recently, we have set an ambitious goal for the rest of 2017: we would like to train 500 young people until the end of December. We believe that conveying personal experiences makes the programme more authentic. Thus, we would like to ask you as a leader, to share your own thoughts and advices, and participate in the corporate mentor programme. 

For further details and to apply please visit #youth empowered website.