Water stewardship

Our commitment to responsible water use has permeated all our processes and supply chain.

Water is the primary component of all our manufacturing processes, it is indispensable for making our products and for the production of the agricultural raw materials used in our plants.

 We take steps for a more efficient water consumption

We monitor our water consumption with our environment management system ISO 14001. We set goals for water usage every year and prepare action plans and projects to reduce water consumption.

 We used 1.75 litre water to produce 1 litre product in 2017 which corresponds to a water use reduction of 0.5 litre as compared to 2010.

Recognition for sustainable water stewardship

As a recognition of best practice in sustainable water stewardship, our Zalaszentgrót plant has had golden qualification of European Water Stewardship since 2014 and our Dunaharaszti plant has had it since 2016.