Environmental overview

Minimising our environmental impact across the whole value chain is a core target for us. We’ve been setting annual improvement targets since 2004 and are working towards ambitious 2020 goals.

One of the key pillars of our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is environmental protection. As one of the leading beverage companies in the world, we consider sustainability a prerequisite for our long-term business goals, so we have integrated sustainability and environmental protection into our production and management processes. We have also realised how crucial these aspects are for maintaining a sustainable business in the future.

At every level of our operations, from the use of raw materials and energy to managing packaging waste, we demonstrate environmentally conscious thinking and practices. Our aim is to decrease energy consumption, emissions, water consumption and wastewater treatment, as well as increase selective packaging waste recovery and recycling in our daily practice.

Reducing water use

We constantly strive to reduce the amount of water we use for bottling. Through innovative projects, we have reduced our annual water consumption since 2006, using on average 1 litre less water today for the production of 1 litre of beverage or mineral water. It is our goal to find ways to further reduce our water consumption and increase our water replenishment through continuous development, optimising our workflows and improving our technologies.

European Water Stewardship Certification

Water stewardship is a key priority for the Coca‑Cola system. Water is at the heart of our business. We understand its value, respect it as one of the most precious of shared global resources and work vigorously to conserve it through all our operations.

The European Water Stewardship (EWS) is a voluntary integrated system for businesses to assess, verify and communicate their best practices for sustainable water management. The EWS certification serves for justifying the good practice of water management. Our NaturAqua mineral water bottling plant in Zalaszentgrót achieved Gold EWS certification in November 2014.

Carbon emissions

As a company committed to the environment, we strive for continuous reduction of our carbon footprint.

We are improving our energy efficiency, switching to cleaner energy sources and developing low-carbon technologies. Through innovation and investment, we aim to turn climate risks into new opportunities for sustainable business development.

To lower our CO2 emissions we strive for a continuous decrease in energy consumption in our plants. We also try to purchase as much renewable energy as possible.

To reduce our CO2 emissions, we place a high emphasis on reducing packag­ing material; we constantly reduce the weight of our packaging via lightweighting technologies – in accordance with the highest quality standards.  We use more and more recycled PET flakes in preforms to produce PET bottles, so that we can reduce the amount of raw material we use in production.

We are committed to making the refrigeration units and other cold drink equipment we use in the marketplace to merchandise our products more economical, using LED lighting and gradually equipping cool­ers with energy-saving devices that meet today’s energy efficiency standards.

Waste reduction

We have introduced a complete system of selective waste collection for all key material streams at both our production sites and for all our offices and distribution centres. Our recycling rate has therefore been very high, at 99 percent since 2009. Waste components that cannot be reused are incinerated and used for heating, so as little mass as possible is landfilled.