Energy consumption efficiently and green

We are committed to using energy necessary for our operation efficiently while we are reducing the carbon-dioxide emission of our energy consumption

100% green energy in our plants

We are proud that products of Coca‑Cola Hungary are maunfactured with green energy. Our plant in Zalaszentgrót has used 100% renewable electricity since 2016 and our Dunaharaszti plant has done so since 2017.

Green operation is enhanced by heat pumps in Zalaszentgrót. They supply the plant with green thermal energy, so its operation is almost fully carbon-free.

Efficient energy consumption


We improve our energy efficiency with measures and investments as we are constantly working on reducing the amount of energy needed for the production of our products.

We run an unified energy-control system (ISO 50001) countrywide, set yearly objectives and prepare action plans aimed at reducing energy consumption and improving efficiency.