Sparkling drinks are the foundation of our business; we are the market leaders in Hungary.

Both in terms of sold volume and value we are leader in the carbonated soft drink market with our diverse carbonated portfolio.*


is our market share in terms of value in the carbonated soft drink category in Hungary**





Any Coca‑Cola product will make moments more special

In 1886, John Pemberton, a pharmacist in Atlanta created the syrup which is the basic component of the world-famous soft drink. The popular drink is available in many versions today having regard to those who take care of calorie and sugar intake besides taste. With the strategy of “one brand” the value and iconic attraction of Coca‑Cola was extended to the entire product family, since if any one of them is picked – with or without sugar – great taste and refreshment is guaranteed, because nothing can be compared to the taste of ice cold Coca‑Cola!



Coca‑Cola launched its second most popular and oldest brand in 1955. Researches show that consumers attach only positive characteristics to it – playfulness, joy of life, spontaneity. Since 1998 it has been available in shops and besides the classic orange taste, our portfolio also contains lemon-elder, grape, mango and dragon fruit flavour variations too. Fanta Orange, Fanta Strawberry-kiwi flavours provide a genuine taste experience to our consumers in sugar-free versions too.



Sprite brand was born in 1961, and its success has been growing ever since. Hungarian consumers could first feel the citrusy Sprite taste in 1991, but the portfolio has been enlarged with Sprite Zero and Sprite Zero Cucumber flavours since then.



Kinley is not just a simple drink: it is style in itself. The product presented as the “brand of the mixes” in the 1970’s and available in ginger and tonic flavours can be consumed as a refreshment, chaperon or a long drink base.


Royal Bliss

The premium category soft drink family of Coca‑Cola targets those consumers who like the vibe, follow the latest trends but insist on premium quality. They give exciting novelties in many flavours (including sugar-free versions) to our consumers.

Calorie-free options

We offer a wide choice of carbonated soft drinks without sugar and calorie to our consumers in various packaging sizes designed to fit the various lifestyles of the modern age.


* Source: Nielsen, the year 2018, overall sparkling drinks market, value and volume

** Source: Nielsen Trade Index - overall in Hungary (retail, gas stations and HoReCa units sales within the sparkling drink market, taking the producer's brands into account, based on 2018 (January - December) annual data