We sponsor wide-reaching programmes and events related to an active, healthy lifestyle or environmental protection.

At Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary we are committed to implementing our sponsorship strategy in line with our corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy.

Every year, we receive hundreds of corporate sponsorship enquiries. Please only apply if your sponsorship proposal clearly meets all our criteria. 

 What we support

What we do not support

If you think that your request meets these criteria, email your application to coca-cola.tamogatas@cchellenic.com 

About your application

Applications should not exceed one A4 page and should cover:

* For tax reasons, only non-profit organisations are allowed to apply for product sponsorship; therefore, please attach a copy of your organisation's non profit certificate to your application. The certificate should have been issued no more than 30 days previously.

Our CSR Committee makes a decision on all written requests received on a monthly basis. Accordingly, applicants will receive a response to their requests within approximately one month. All applications will be answered in writing. Thank you for your patience.