Coca-Cola HBC Hungary’s social responsibility and corporate sustainability is an integral part of our corporate culture. These are the basis of our business decisions and long-term investments, ensuring sustainable value creation. Our sponsorship activities are also in accordance with this.

Our aim is to support programs and events that primarily contribute to the competitiveness of young people in the labour market, and connected to the protection of the environment as well. We also take into account that the sponsored events should reach the largest audience possible.

Coca-Cola HBC Hungary strives for the least possible environmental impact all across the value chain. Our goal is to reduce water and energy use, the waste we generate during our operations, and our greenhouse gas emissions. We strive to continually improve our packaging materials, increase our recovery and recycling rates, reduce the amount of waste in the landfills, and use sustainable resources.

Part of our mission as a responsible company is improve the quality of life and support our local communities. The unemployment of young people is a global problem that affects millions worldwide. Although this rate shows a decreasing trend in Hungary, its level is still quite high. Due to the social weight and importance of youth unemployment, Coca-Cola HBC Hungary wants to support local young people to find work by improving basic skills and developing networks and relationships that helps the employment of young people.

We receive hundreds of inquiries every year, so please only send us your application if the initiative to be sponsored falls into one of the topics and meets all the other criteria. Incoming applications will be evaluated according to the sponsorship guidelines below.

  • Programs and events promoting the competitiveness of young people (18-30 years old) in the labour market.
  • Environmental protection programs (selective waste collection, waste recycling, water management, climate protection).
  • Political and religious activities. Our company maintains a consistently neutral political position and respects all religions equally; accordingly, Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary does not prefer any political party, religion or religious denomination over others.
  • Professional sport (either team or individual) and technical sport. We provide sponsorship for these two areas at a global level (Olympic Games, football World Cup).
  • Requests from private individuals. Our goal is to ensure that our sponsorships and donations can reach the broadest possible range of those in need. Therefore, we co-operate with and sponsor non-governmental organisations who can channel our resources in the most effective manner.
  • Events targeting children under the age of 12. We have undertaken, in both Europe and Hungary, not to advertise to children under the age of 12. We respect the primacy of parental choice and the educational independence.

If you think that your request meets these criteria, please email your written application to coca-cola.tamogatas@cchellenic.com


Applications should not exceed one A4 page and should cover:

  • The purpose of the event/initiative
  • How it fits our company’s CSR strategy
  • A brief description of the event
  • The expected number of participants
  • Form and amount of sponsorship applied for*
  • Any other relevant information

* For tax reasons, only non-profit organisations are allowed to apply for product sponsorship; therefore, please attach a copy of your organisation's non-profit certificate to your application. The certificate should have been issued no more than 30 days previously.

All applications will be answered in writing within 30 days.


Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary sponsorship strategy