We began bottling NaturAqua natural mineral water in 2002 at the Zalaszentgrót bottling plant. Since then we have brought to the surface more than 1 billion litres of natural mineral water from the Zalaszentgrót aquifer.

We have selected the well in Zalaszetgrót on purpose.  We have decided to build our production plant there following a long research carried out by our specialists and we have compared the water quality and composition of 25 Hungarian springs. The water from the depths of 685 meters has been filtered for 14 000 years. The mineral composition of the mineral water form Zalaszentgrót is balanced, which gives a pleasant flavour to the water.


The NaturAqua Emotion product family is the perfect choice for flavoured-water enthusiasts. It is available in 6 different flavours in Hungary. The main ingredient of the NaturAqua Emotion products is NaturAqua water, which guarantees a fresh and pure product.