We have been distributing premium spirits in Hungary since 2006.

Bacardi-Martini portfolio

We distribute Bacardi, Martini and Bombay Sapphire on behalf of the Bacardi company.

Bacardi Superior

The classic Bacardi white rum. Its distinctive, pure, velvety flavour makes it an ideal cocktail ingredient.

How to try it ...

  • Cuba Libre (Bacardi Superior, Coca‑Cola, lime and ice)
  • Bacardi Lemonade (Bacardi Superior, Sprite, lemon, ice)
  • Mojito, Daiquiri and other rum-based cocktails
Flavoured Bacardi

We distribute Bacardi in two fruit flavours - Bacardi Limón (lemon) and Bacardi Razz (raspberry).

How to try it ...

  • Straight, with ice
  • 4cl Bacardi Limón +2dl Coca‑Cola
  • 4cl Bacardi Razz + 2dl Sprite
Bacardi Breezer

Bacardi Breezer is a mild, sparkling Bacardi-based exotic fruit cocktail. It's available in lime, lemon, orange and watermelon flavours.

Bombay Sapphire

Bombay Sapphire comes in a signature angular blue glass bottle adorned with a picture of Queen Victoria.

How to try it...

  • Bombay + Kinley tonic
  • Gin-based cocktails (eg Martini)

Jack Daniel's

What makes Jack Daniel’s different from other whiskeys? It's mellowed with charcoal.

After distillation it very slowly drips through three metres of thickly arranged sugar maple charcoal. This filtering makes the whiskey softer and lends it a unique flavour before it is set to mature in burnt white oak casks. The manufacturer strictly controls the quality of the charcoal, which is made in the distillery. Since 1866, every cask in which Jack Daniel’s whiskey is matured is manufactured in the company's own cooperage. These casks, which are only used once, are made exclusively of new American white oak. Everything is made by hand with exquisite craftsmanship. Since whiskey gets all of its colour and most of its flavour from the cask in which it is matured, Jack Daniel’s coopers take all the time and care needed to manufacture perfect casks.

Jack Daniel's: the original classic

After seven generations this original classic whiskey is still made the same way as in Mr Daniel’s time. The reason is simple: worldwide, consumers of Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 expect the same characteristic velvety taste every time.

Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 becomes genuine Tennessee whiskey through a charcoal mellowing process. Its rich aroma is further refined even before the long maturation process starts in the company’s self-manufactured casks.

Gentleman Jack: the gentleman's choice

The Gentleman Jack brew is mellowed on charcoal before being put in the cask.

Gentleman Jack is charcoal mellowed again after reaching maturity - making it the only whiskey in the world to be charcoal mellowed twice. Gentleman Jack is full-bodied with fruit and spices, and its finish is silky, warm and pleasant.

Single Barrel: unique flavours

Single Barrel is matured in barrels selected by the master distiller; these are handmade and deliver a unique flavour themselves, which explains the name of the whiskey. The full-bodied flavour of the spirit is enhanced by a touch of burned oak, vanilla and caramel. Each barrel, and the liquid that comes out of it, has its own unique flavour.

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey: naturally silky

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey is the perfect blend of original Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey and a spiced honey liqueur. The naturally silky experience mellowed by honey is this whiskey's trademark.

Sinatra Select: a worthy tribute

Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select Jack is a tribute to its greatest fan: Frank Sinatra. This whiskey aged in special Sinatra barrels gets its deep amber colour from the oak, just like its inimitable smoky flavour, which is rounded off with a soft vanilla finish. It is unique and inimitable – like Frank Sinatra.


Finlandia Vodka is known worldwide as an icon of its unique northern heritage. We also distribute five fruit flavours: mango, lime, grapefruit, cranberry and blackcurrant.

Finlandia owes its unparalleled quality to the fact that it is made of the very best ingredients. Crystal clear glacier water created by the ice age and six-row barley that contains the best-quality starch and the lowest possible level of natural oil are what lend Finlandia its pure and characteristic flavour.


Finlandia Blackcurrant

Inimitable fruitiness and a long-lasting flavour experience. The juicy berries native to Finland are ripened by long hours of sunshine to create perfect harmony with vodka made of crystal clear glacier water and six-row barley. The taste of nature!

Finlandia Cranberry

Finlandia Cranberry Vodka has the crisp, natural taste of cranberry which conjures up memories of Finland, just like vodka does. Using only cranberry species native to this region, made of pure glacier water and six-row barley ripened by the midnight sun and mixed with the special aroma of red cranberry, Finlandia offers everyone an invitation to the world of Scandinavian flavours.

Finlandia Grapefruit

Even the most famous chefs like to use the citrus flavour of grapefruit for their culinary creations. Taste the fresh natural flavour of the fruit mixed with velvety Finlandia, made of pure glacier water and six-row barley. Finlandia Grapefruit fills you with sunshine, even in the gloomiest hours.

Finlandia Lime

Our vodka is made exclusively of the purest ingredients like pure glacier water and six-row barley ripened by the midnight sun. Coupled with the naturally spicy aroma of lime, Finlandia Lime lures your senses away to refreshing icy regions.

Finlandia Mango

Mango-flavoured Finlandia was born of a marriage of the tropics and the icy North Pole. With its explosive fruitiness and exotic flavour, the blend is one of the most exquisite vodkas ever made.

El Jimador

El Jimador is one of the best-tasting and best-quality tequilas in the world, made from 100 percent agave.

This exquisitely flavoured tequila gets its name from the agave harvesters, the El Jimador, who pass down the traditional art of distillation from generation to generation, virtually pouring their spirit into this drink, one of the best tasting and best quality tequilas of the world, made of 100 percent agave.

The agave plantations stand proudly on the estate of Casa Herradura Tequila as far as the eye can see, offering up a bright and colourful picture. After seven to eight years of meticulous care, only the ripest and most healthy blue agaves are harvested by the El Jimador, an event which marks the start of the production of Mexico's number one tequila.

The “heart” of the harvested agave plant (the giant cone between the leaves) is steamed slowly in traditional clay furnaces until its starch turns into sugar. Then, after a similarly careful cooling process, the boiled agave juice is ready for fermentation.

The sugar content of the agave leaves turns into alcohol in a natural fermentation process. In contrast to other producers who use commercial yeast to accelerate fermentation, in the distilleries of El Jimador tequila only the natural yeast found in the air stimulate fermentation, lending the Casa Herradura tequila brands their special flavour.

After fermentation the agave juices are distilled twice. In both distillation processes the alcohol yielded in the first and the last phases (the head and the tail) is not used, which ensures that only the purest and the best quality tequila reaches the shelves in El Jimador bottles.

El Jimador Blanco

The word “blanco” means white in Spanish. This drink is promptly bottled after distillation, and gets its unique flavour from its 100 percent agave content. Its natural ingredients and sweet citrus flavour make it an ideal choice, both straight or in cocktails.

El Jimador Reposado

”Reposado” means matured in Spanish, and this tequila is certainly true to its name. In 1974, The Tequila House was the first to introduce Reposado as a tequila category; uniquely, this tequila is aged in oak barrels for 60 days, which not only created a new tradition but also enhances the inimitable flavour of tequilas. The shiny gold colour and the unbelievably velvety flavour are the result of the 100 percent agave content and more than two months ageing in oak barrels.


Rézangyal takes traditional Hungarian brandy made with fruit, matures it and blends it.

Pálinka is a traditional Hungarian brandy made from fruit. The pálinka masters of Rézangyal regularly visit Hungarian pálinka distilleries to taste and taste and taste. They only select and buy the best-quality spirits which they have personally tested. Then, that pálinka is matured, aged with fruit and blended in their own cellars.

The aim is to make Rézangyal pálinkas a great choice for everyone. Changes in quality from year to year or even by batch are unacceptable - and incomprehensible for foreign consumers who are used to the even quality of vodka, tequila, whisky and rum.

Pálinka's success story is not in its history but in today’s premium quality standards, excellent Hungarian fruit and centuries-old technology and Hungarian traditions.

What exactly is blending?

The word blend originally comes from Scotland and means the marriage of different ingredients. The Scots first used it in 1534, blending whiskies from various years and distillation technologies. This is where the term blended scotch also comes from.

Pálinka blending is done in the most authentic way possible. Rézangyal buys the best quality pálinkas from producers in large quantities and then blends and matures them in its own cellars.

Rézangyal Kosher pálinkas

The Rézangyal Kosher Plum and Kosher Apple pálinkas owe their existence to consumer pressure for high-quality yet traditional and pure spirits. The kosher products meet high hygiene and quality requirements, confirmed by a rabbi's seal and hologram label.

After careful selection the fruit is put into clean, disinfected fermentation tanks and the final liquid is bottled. The journey of the fruit down to the sealing of the bottles is continuously monitored, which guarantees the exquisite flavour and purity of these pálinkas.