Energy drinks

The energy drinks market continues to grow dynamically.

The swiftly refreshing effect of our Burn and Monster brands can be enjoyed by anyone at any time: while having fun, after an exhausting day at work or simply when feeling tired.

Monster promotional poster


With Monster, it's all about what people are really into because Monster is much more than an energy drink: it's a way of life. It comes in eight different flavours, and is also available in 0.5 litre bottles.

We have been distributing Monster in Hungary since April 2010.


Burn is available in 80 countries worldwide and in Hungary since 2007.

The burning flames on a black can not only make it look unique, but also imply the brand’s philosophy. Burn represents the fire that inspires people creatively - the brand actively supports electronic music events.

Burn is available in Hungary in 0.25 litre aluminium cans and in six different flavours. Consumers can choose from Burn Original, Burn Apple Kiwi, Burn Passion Punch, Burn Lemon Ice, Burn Cherry and the calorie-free Burn Zero.