Energy drinks

The energy drinks market continues to grow dynamically.

The swiftly refreshing effect of our Burn and Monster brands can be enjoyed by anyone at any time: while having fun, after an exhausting day at work or simply when feeling tired.

Lifestyle in a can – this is Monster.

All flavours of the energy drink with an intense but harmonic flavour is an ideal combination of the right proportion of ingredients. We support our communities, sportsmen, musicians, students, cyclers and everybody who represents this love of life. It is an energy drink in many flavours designed to help you get over tiresome days, to stir you up and enable you to be productive.


Burn energy drink is available in 80 countries, in Hungary since 2007.

The glowing flames on its black can makes it not only different but they also refer to the philosophy of the brand. Burn symbolizes the fire which inspires and urges consumers to be more creative. The brand actively supports events of electronic music.

It is available in Hungary in 250 ml aluminium can. Besides Burn Original, consumers can choose Burn Apple Kiwi, Burn Passion Punch, Burn Cherry or calorie-free Burn Zero.

Coke Energy


Coca‑Cola Energy offers the great taste and the already known and beloved feeling of Coca‑Cola, which contains natural caffeine, guarana extract and vitamin B but no taurine. The product will be available in sugar- and calorie-free version too. The product duo has already been in resellers and grocery stores in 250 ml cans since this April.

We offer Coca‑Cola Energy to those adults who being on way wish some extra caffeine in their daily routine, while they also look for the Coca‑Cola taste that they know and love. The product is available in no-sugar version so that we can provide our consumers with the great taste without sugar.