Quality policy


We, the employees of Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary Ltd. believe that our business success is based on the high and constant quality of the products we market, and our related quality services. We are aware that we need to work hard each day to ensure lasting success, and in order to satisfy the expectations of customers and consumers alike in relation to premium brands.

We are committed to ensuring our continuous development through the use of quality management systems and standards, thereby also increasing trust and acknowledgement for the brands we market. The commitment of our team to quality is closely reflected by our meticulousness and readiness for cooperation in our work.

Our commitment is based on the following principles:

  • We strive to manufacture and provide our partners with nothing else but products that meet the highest quality expectations. Excellent product quality is matched by a high quality of services in transportation, storage, sales, cold drink service and our other business activities.
  • We meet official and food safety expectations regulating the manufacturing and marketing of foodstuff and strive to exceed them.
  • Setting quality-related goals, preparing coordinated plans related to these, and providing our employees with continuous training is an integral part of our business plan. The business plan is presented to all our employees, and results achieved are continuously publicized.
  • In order to meet our quality and business objectives we use the ISO 9001 system and other quality standards determined by the management of the company. In order to ensure continuous development we perform internal and external audits assessing the efficiency of our systems.

As the general manager of the company, I am personally committed to efficiently implementing the quality policy of Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary Ltd., our goals and the strategic plans formulated to achieve them.

Quality Policy